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The Best Word Games to Try Right Now

With the weather getting better and nature is blooming, maybe we won’t spend as much time at home as before. Board games are a hobby that we use to combat boredom or for a game night with friends. But many people think that they can be played only at home, which isn’t true, especially for word games. You can easily enjoy them when you are having a picnic, or some of them that don’t need any additional equipment can be played even during hiking trips. This is why we came up with the list of the best games to try out right now. 



The Best Word Games to Try Right Now



Every word game is brain-stimulating, but Wordscapes is maybe even more challenging than others. This is a game that you can download on your phone or tablet, and so many users have already done it and enjoyed it so much. You will have to beat many levels, but no time limit will pressure you to find the words. 

How the game is played — At the bottom of the screen, you will see a circle full of different letters. Using those letters, you will have to come up with words that will be put on the blank spaces in the crossword at the top of the screen. There can be easy four letter words or longer ones that can take you quite some time to find. You will have to find the words that match all the spaces and fill the crossword to continue to the next level. Wordscapes is an amusing and challenging game you can play from everywhere and learn new words on the go.



Perhaps there is no need to explain a lot about Scrabble since this is one of the most popular word games that almost anyone has tried out at some point. This is a board game, so you need a bit more than just your phone, but there is no complicated setup you have to do to start playing. You will need a board where you will put your words, and you need to carefully choose the space since some squares give you additional points, which might bring you the win if you use them wisely. 

In the beginning, you will get your wooden tiles that will be with different letters on them. With those letters, you need to come up with words similar to Wordscapes, but here you should try to come up always with the longest possible one. To achieve this, you can also use some of the letters already on the board as part of the words you or the other players already put on it. As we mentioned, be mindful of the special tiles on the board because Scrabble is a very competitive game, and they often can determine the winner. You will definitely enjoy this game, and there are so many fun facts around it that will convince you to try it out if you haven’t by now.


The Best Word Games to Try Right Now



Spellspire is another game you can play on your phone. This is a perfect game that combines action and brian challenge. There will be different monsters on our way that will try to stop you by putting different challenges on your way. The goal of those monsters is to stress you so you wouldn’t be able to come up with the right words that you will need to beat them. This is the way for you to climb the levels and win the game.

You are an experienced wizard that will have to beat the evil monsters by coming up with the right words. The words you will create will be used as spells, so you need to make them as powerful as possible. If you use shorter words, you will need a couple of spells to beat the terrors that try to block your way, and a longer one can slay them from the first try. But bearing monsters is not the only way to go to the next level — you can buy some gold and use it to advance in this RPG word game. 



If you like Scrabble, you will love Upwords because it is similar to the all-time classic but with some modern twists. You will again have a board where you will have to put your words on using the tiles you will get. Upwords can be played pretty much like a normal Scrabble and keep tracking the points as you would typically do, or you can take advantage of the new rules that were added to this game to make it even more fun. This new rule is that you can stack words on top of each other. 

Basically, you can win the game easily if you manage to put more words on top of each other. If you manage to get more words stacked, then you will win more points, and the victory will be yours. It is not always easy to do that, but it will definitely increase your chances of beating up others. You receive additional points for using all of your seven tiles at once, so coming up with a longer word is always a good tactic. 


Final thoughts on The Best Word Games to Try Right Now

Word games are perfect for spending time with your family and friends. They can become quite competitive, so make sure to prepare with some word ideas even before starting. Enjoy and best of luck!



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