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The Culture of Every Community Is Unique, But What Made Them That Way?

The Culture of Every Community Is Unique – it truly is a fact.  but do you know why?

The Culture of Every Community Is Unique


People may realize it or not, but community culture is present in all spheres of their lives, having a much stronger impact on the way they think, study, see the world around them, and even make friends and lay the foundation for their families. Every culture has its known distinct traits and traditions and keeping them and passing that precious knowledge to the next generations is a big part of the story.

It’s hard to find someone who does not take pride in their famous fellow compatriots, even those who lived hundreds of years ago. 


Culture of Every Community Is Unique


The Culture of Every Community Is Unique

There is no dilemma: the culture of every community, even the smallest one, is unique and absolutely worth preserving and for future generations of young people who are striving to know more about their ancestors and their past. But have you ever wondered what made all those amazing community cultures the way they look today?

Let’s try to crack the door into that wondrous and enigmatic world for a better understanding not only of our past but also present and future.

What Exactly Is Community Culture?

Communities can differ greatly in many aspects, they can be huge as a country or small as a bunch of people working together but there is one thing they all have in common. As you have probably already guessed, that thing is sharing certain characteristics, which may vary from language (or dialect) and social behaviors to eating habits and various beliefs. 

Community culture is all the aforementioned things brought together and spiced up by well-beloved celebrations, incendiary music, and captivating books.

Needless to say, the core of every culture is its famous people, and similar to the Irish-American community that can brag of such big-name fellow members as Walt Disney or Barack Obama, every other community has its own heroes and prominent citizens. For instance, Steve Jobs was the son of a Syrian immigrant, Abdulfattah John Jandali, who came to the States in the 50s to continue his education while Hollywood star Keanu Reeves is one-quarter Chinese and one-quarter Polynesian.

However, it’s not just about A-class celebrities, prominent politicians, or worldwide renowned scientists and businessmen. In fact, every member of a certain community makes their contribution to the community culture, even if they only follow long-standing traditions, teaching their children and family members about the values of their unique society.



The Culture of Every Community Is Uniqu



The Many Differences Of Cultural Values

What seems normal to people in one part of the world would shock inhabitants of other countries – cultural values vary dramatically from one community to another. More than that, in some multicultural countries where people of different beliefs, religions, and backgrounds live together, the disparity in values is nothing unusual and often can be seen at every corner.

For instance, beef is arguably one of the most popular meats across the globe, T-bones and pepper steaks are equally in high demand in Australia, the United States, Italy, or South Africa. People from India, however, would rather starve to death than eat a cow, even despite the fact that old cows are wandering through their villages, being a truly easy catch. The Hindus believe all cows are sacred animals and nothing on earth can make them kill the cow – no matter the circumstances. 



Be ready to understand and accept the cultural differences even if some of them do not make much sense to you.

That deep respect for the traditions and history of other people is key to a successful and thriving society. Think of some traits or celebrations that are unique for your community and always do your best to share your values with others and educate people around you about what is at the core of your lifestyle or habits.


 Every Community Is Uniqu


Folklife As It Is

We bet you have heard the term folklife hundreds of times but did you know that you have always been a part of it? Family gatherings, the most loved celebrations, the most delicious meals – folklife is an inseparable part of your normal life and you enjoy its thrills day after day. Think of your favorite songs and music piece, which are so often performed in your house and the houses of your friends and neighbors – chances are, they also belong to folklore and have their own rich history. The more people think of such things, the better they know their roots and origin.

We live in the era of multiculturalism but it does not mean, people should not cherish the values of their communities. Every community is unique and its members have plenty of reasons to be proud of their culture and preserve rich traditions.


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