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The details that make a difference to your interiors

Today – make a difference to your interiors


Sometimes a home just looks just right.

It can be hard to fathom why but it just looks ‘finished.’

The details that make a difference to your interiors, becky goddard-hill



Make a difference to your interiors

I have pondered what it is that makes a home feel like this and I have concluded that rather than expensive furniture, following seasonal trends or employing an interior designer it is actually a lot simpler than that.

A home looks finished when the details have been taken care of.

I will give you an example. I have a lovely kitchen, it is bright white with a lovely wooden floor and I spent ages getting it just right.  The units are cream and sleek and I have a fabulous kitchen table that I saved up a year to buy.

Despite all this my kitchen makes me sigh (not in a good way). Around the ceiling is some discolouration whrethe bath overflowed. There is also a cupboard door that is misaligned and hangs a bit.  There are a lot of leads and wires in my kitchen mixer- bizarre. Just small things, but painting round that ceiling, getting the door fixed and decluttering those wires would give me back a kitchen that made me smile.


It’s the little things

It is definitely about taking care of all the little aspects of your home that makes such a difference.

Often neglected, beautifully painted skirting boards that fit well and are designed to fit in with the decor of your home can make a lovely impact on a home. Certainly, a quick DIY job to fit new Skirting and a job well worth doing.

Curtains that hang well and glide easily also have an impact and are worthy of close consideration. It may sound a little odd but  I do so love to see clean door handles and light switch areas! Just fitting a dimmer switch can transform a room and changing door or cupboard handles can create a beautiful impression.

Don’t neglect the ‘little things’ they tie a room together and make your home look loved.



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