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The Different Pasta Shapes Infographic – A Useful Guide

Pasta shapes infographic

Ah pasta so comforting and such an easy dish to make.

In my ongoing quest to be a better cook I have found Italian food to be my friend and I have discovered there is far more to pasta than spaghetti and pasta bows.

Pasta needs a dictionary of its own! I fancy trying it all and making lots of delicious sauces with cream, tomatoes, mushrooms vegetable, herbs and garlic to go with. Mmm.


Pasta shapes infographic


Different pasta shapes infographic

The infographic is from Jamie’s Italian which I have had the absolute pleasure of reviewing in the past. Ah to be able to cook that well. I love going there the food really doestaste sensational and it always looks so beautiful.

You can have a look at my review of Jamie’s Italian here


pasta jamies

Pasta shapes infographic


This weekend I plan to make a vegetarian carbonara. I will use quorn bacon and will experiment a little! I will post the recipe if I succeed t in making something worth sharing. The questions is which of these fabulous pasta shapes shall I use in my creation?

I quite fancy Corzetti…I had never even heard of that had you?

To my mind you cannot beat a great lasagne. What is you favourite pasta dish?


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