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The 5 Easiest Herbs to Grow

The easiest herbs to grow and the many benefits of doing so. 


the easiest herbs to grow

The easiest herbs to grow


The easiest herbs to grow – tips to get you started

Are you looking for the easiest herbs to grow?  If you are looking to start your first herb garden or just fill in gaps it is always a great idea to add some common easy to grow herbs. We all love beautiful rare herbs but there is something to be said for the classics anyone can grow and keep alive. Here are some of the easiest herbs to grow that anyone can enjoy in their herb garden.


Basil benefits

Basil is a kitchen favourite used for everything from pizza to fresh pesto. Basil can grow large and stalky making it a great addition to the garden but it also grows well in a potted garden in a sunny window.


The easiest herbs to grow – Oregano immunity

Oregano is a great herb to have and definitely one of the easiest herbs to grow. One that can help boost the immune system making it a great addition to your favourite foods. This herb loves the sun and can thrive in your garden or a pot in a sunny window.

The easiest herbs to grow

The easiest herbs to grow


Thriving Thyme – one of the easiest herbs to grow 

Thyme is a hearty herb that holds up well even to neglect. This is one of the best herbs for beginners and those that struggle with keeping plants alive.


The easiest herbs to grow – Robust Rosemary

Rosemary is another hardy plant known for holding up well to being forgotten. It is perfect for flavouring savoury dishes and tender hearty stews.


Perfect Parsely another one of the Easiest Herbs to Grow

Parsley has a delicate flavour perfect for adding to savoury dishes, soup, and mashed potatoes. Fresh parsley has more flavour and is incredibly easy to grow in your garden or a flower pot. If you are a fan of parsley you will love having it in your garden. This is definitely one of the easiest herbs to grow


The easiest herbs to grow

The easiest herbs to grow


Multi-talented mint is one of the easiest herbs to grow

Mint is a favourite herb of many perfect for sweet desserts and summer drinks. Mint grows easily and can provide plenty of great fragrant and flavorful leaves all summer long. Mint loves to spread quickly and can take over so be sure to plant them in a well-contained area or keep potted to stop them from creeping into places you don’t want mint growing.

Now we have had a look at the easiest herbs to grow let’s have a peek at some that are not the easiest herbs to grow but are worth it

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Rare herbs worth growing

Want a spectacular herb garden and would like to add something a bit different than the popular ones,  the easiest herbs to grow that everyone else has? Check out these rare herbs that can be a special pop to your garden and your kitchen.

Marshmallow this herb is where the original marshmallow evolved from. An Egyptian delicacy you can grow right in your own backyard. the roots and leaves can be eaten as a vegetable and pairs well fried with onion and garlic.

Aka Hon Chirimen Shiso (Perilla) is a beautiful deep red herb grown in Japan for the oil made from its seeds and for its deep red colour that makes a great red and pink dye for foods. The deep red leaves can be used in fresh salads.

These may not be the easiest herbs to grow but you have to agree they really are a bit special


The 5 Easiest Herbs to Grow


More rare herbs worthy of your garden

Sorrel is a great leafy herb that can be used in fresh spring salads. It is a perennial that pops up early in the season ready to eat long before other plants are even in the ground. This makes a great edging for your landscape that can provide your family food at the same time.

Stevia is a great herb for growing in your own herb garden. Loved for its sweet taste you can grow this at home and use the dried leaves to sweeten drinks in a similar fashion to making tea. Stevia is hard to find and you will need to start it from seed unless you get lucky with a small nursery. It can’t survive the winter outside of zones 8-10 so plan to replant yearly.

Purslane is a great herb to grow in your garden. It adds a beautiful green colour with beautiful delicate leaves that go great in a fresh spring salad. This herb adds a powerful flavour to salads helping change things up a bit from the ordinary and each plant grows and abundance of leaves.


If you don’t have our door space you may want to have a go at growing an indoor herb garden. If you do here are some useful tips


How to grow an indoor herb garden with the easiest herbs to grow

Growing an indoor herb garden gives you a great advantage of fresh herbs to cook with year round. Indoor herb gardens can range from small potted herbs to fancy devices designed to hold plants grown with hydroponics and grow lights. Anyone can grow an indoor herb garden.

The type of herb garden you need will depend on where you live. If you get sunshine through your window you can usually get away with simple pots of herbs in your home. If you do not have a steady stream of light or live in an area where the sun often does not shine each day you will want to choose a set up that includes a grow light.


How to choose the easiest herbs to grow

Chose herbs you love to use often. Don’t take up space in your indoor herb garden with herbs you do not like to use. To help you decide what to grow, take a look at the herb jars in your kitchen. Which herbs do you have to replace the most often after using them up? These will be the best herbs for you to grow in your indoor herb garden.

You will need to feed your indoor herb garden to help it thrive. The easiest herbs to grow still need TLC Just like the garden outside it will need food to thrive. Indoor gardens tend to deplete soil faster than gardens that have access to the soil in the ground and can dig roots deeper to reach what they need.

Plant food, compost, and hydroponic fertilizer are all great options to provide your herbs with everything they need.

Indoor plants have less room to grow and can become root bound easy. Repotting can save a plant that has outgrown it home. To help your plant last in the same pot longer be sure to trim your herbs often. Using them regularly in your cooking will help keep them trimmed and thriving.


The easiest herbs to grow

The easiest herbs to grow


The easiest herbs to grow & the many benefits

So I do hope this post on the easiest herbs to grow has given you lots of food for thought and you ha are raring to get started. It can be so cost-effective to grow your own herbs and of course, you can use them in your DIY beauty, Have a look at my post on the best herbs for anti-ageing and thrifty tips for your family garden to get even more inspired


Quotes about herbs

How could such sweet and wholesome hours be reckoned, but in herbs and flowers?
— Andrew Marvell

“There are no incurable diseases — only the lack of will. There are no worthless herbs — only the lack of knowledge.”

— Avicenna

Herbs are the friend of the physician and the pride of cooks.

– Charlemagne

A man may esteem himself happy when that which is his food is also his medicine.

– Henry David Thoreau

The intense perfumes of the wild herbs as we trod them underfoot made us feel almost drunk.
— Jacqueline du Pre



A  poem about herbs

And a herby poem I found and love – author unknown

My little herb garden along the stonewall
The thyme and rosemary beginning to crawl
Onto the path that lies under my feet
In and out of the crevices, ever so sweet.

The waft of the mint is pleasing to me
Summoning me to get down on my knee
To break off a sprig and give it a bite
Refreshing my breath to my every delight.

The dill and the parsley are at such a height
The chives are aching to reach up to the light
Their purple crowns swaying to and fro in the wind
Softly teasing the kitten, under his chin.

The lavenders taken off and seems to have grown
With a fragrance resembling an expensive cologne
The parsley has reared its curly little head.
And the sage is waiting to totally spread.

This garden so delicate and adorable to own
No flowers mixed in and totally alone
I will use them all to make dinner tonight
These herbs will enhance our mealtime just right!”


Easiest Herbs to Grow


FAQ’s on the easiest herbs to grow


What are the psychological benefits of growing herbs?

The benefits of growing herbs are many for both your health and wellbeing and gardening? Well, there is something magically relaxing about it isn’t there. Take a look at my post on how to stop being busy where I explore further how gardening as a whole can really chill you out.


 Is it expensive to grow herbs?

Not at all you just need some kind of container soil and a few little plug plants


Do you need to be a skilled gardener to grow the easiest herbs to grow?

Absolutely not at all herb growing is  for everybody – just give it ago and you will be amazed at how easy it is


How to plant a herb garden with the easiest herbs to grow




Further reading on the easiest herbs to grow

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Over to you and your thoughts on the easiest herbs to grow

What do you consider the easiest herbs to grow?


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