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The easiest, lightest, quickest carpet cleaner

The easiest, lightest, quickest carpet cleaner

The BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Carpet Cleaner landed at my house for review about a month ago, I just could not get excited about carpet cleaning and so it has sat in its box till yesterday.

I had a bit of time so I thought I would encourage my hubby to put it together.  he declared himself too busy  watching the football so I decided I’d have a go myself. Now in out house this is unusual I have a bit of a fear of putting things together as  – well to be honest I normally either i cannot do it or I do it wrong. But anyway I ventured in and ..good news it was really easy! is was still proud though!

The instructions are really clear to be fair and this is not much to do but still I was proud!

How often do you wash your carpets? If the answer is never, you aren’t alone. Now just imagine all the food remnants, traces of dirt and mud as well as pet-related messes that are innocently trodden into your carpets over the years.

Yuck!  Thanks BISSELL.


The easiest, lightest, quickest carpet cleaner

I never wash my carpets and I was wondering what the fuss was about it till I gave it ago. I am a bit embarrassed to show you these photos.

Here we are ready to go and my carpet isn’t looking too bad is it! Mind you that is why we picked brown!



Here it is with clean water in the top section and nothing (yet) in the dirty water section


quickest carpet cleaner


So after an express clean taking a look in the dirty water section


quickest carpet cleaner

My carpet was indeed filthy – how horrible! I only did an express rather than a deep clean too!

It only took an hour to dry and honestly my carpet looks smells and feels fresher and newer. I am so pleased and I cannot wait to do my stairs!

This is such a good machine you literally just push it back and forth a couple of times and your job is done. It has great attachments so you can do your furniture / stairs too. No scrubbing involved and it is much, MUCH lighter and manoeuvrable than the old heavy, awkward carpet cleaners we used to rent when we lived in grotty flats as students.

Love that this can be used on hard floors too. My kitchen needs a good clean !

I am so impressed with this machine and how fresh my house smells today. I have been telling everyone about my BISSELL quickest carpet cleaner and have already lent it to a friend.

You can read more here about the BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Carpet Cleaner 18588 It retails at £299.99 and comes with a 6 year guarantee

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