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The Easiest Way To Maintain Floors

The Easiest Way To Maintain Floors

Finding it hard to fit family, friends and fun all into one day? Don’t really have the time for too many chores? You’re in luck – there are multiple flooring options that can help alleviate the stress of everyday cleaning and get it over with in an instant! Here are some top tips for choosing low maintenance flooring from Luxury Flooring & Furnishings below.


The Easiest Way To Maintain Floors


The Easiest Way To Maintain Floors



Choose the finish carefully – especially on wood flooring. A brushed finish for example has grooves in which crumbs and spillages can become stuck, and hand-scraped finishes have grooves that prevent a smooth mopping or vacuuming action. High gloss finishes require refinishing more often than others, as may some stained floors.

Choose a wood floor with a lacquer to provide a protective film-like finish that will make any grooves less prominent, and improve overall ease when mopping or vacuuming.


The Easiest Way To Maintain Floors



A way to get a smooth finish that will not require lengthy cleaning, stain removal or sanding and refinishing is to use non-textured LVT or laminate. LVT especially just requires a quick mop every now and then to be good as new. Although laminate is the same in this respect, many modern ones come with textured finishes that aren’t as easy for vacuums and mops to glide over.


No Bevels

Bevelled edges may look elegant and add depth to a room, but they are also a nightmare for trapping dirt. Even powerful hoovers can struggle getting each groove spotless, not to mention being a hotspot for spillages to seep into and cause some damage. For low maintenance, try using square edged flooring that fits tightly, and use grout strips on vinyl tiles to improve the current situation without changing the flooring itself.


The Easiest Way To Maintain Floors – Lifestyle

Although not strictly about the flooring itself, your lifestyle is also a change you could make. Some habits are just meant to be broken – wearing shoes inside, not making use of your doormat, not immediately cleaning spillages, eating snacks without a plate or away from the table – the list goes on and on.

We are guilty of at least one! Have a think of a small thing you could do now to stop making cleaning your floor such a task in future. It is important to note these habits could also damage your floor, reducing its lifespan and making you have to spend more time and money trying to resolve this in future!


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