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The effectiveness of free trials and giveaways

We all love a free gift or offer as a consumer. It gives us the chance to have an extra dose of our favourite product or allows us to try a new one before we invest financially. Offering this as a promotional tool is a popular tactic for businesses, especially those in the gaming industry. This article will explore some of the best examples of gaming demos and trials whilst also delving into their effectiveness.



Free trials for those who fancy a flutter

Online casinos and online bookmakers are working in such a crowded marketplace that they need to find a way of enticing you. Many websites allow you to play for fun before spending your hard-earned cash. Some offer a free deposit bonus. A great example of a free offer comes from Paddy Power. They give gamers daily free spins on their Wonder Wheel. It’s a game open to existing customers giving them the chance to win cash prizes. From a promotional perspective, it also gives players the ability to see how the website works. 

For sports fans, many bookmakers often offer free bets to their punters. So, if you fancy the chances of a big shock in an upcoming event or fixture, it might be worth saving the free bet for that occasion. Are you already thinking about the Grand National?

Video game demos

Demos of video games started to become popular in the early 1990s. They were often given away in publications such as the official PlayStation magazine. In more recent times, technology has allowed us to download free trials or demos of upcoming titles. The demo discs of old are no longer needed.

A modern example of a free trial comes from EA. Their EA Play service allows subscribers to play a ten-hour free trial before its retail release. For fans of the FIFA series, they can start on their Ultimate Team squad before some of their friends and competitors. 


Outside of the gaming industry

Of course, the gaming industry isn’t the only one where free trials are a prominent tool. The beauty and cosmetics industry is famous for offering customers a freebie. You will see these in the form of a free sample with a magazine or an extra something special when you spend over a certain amount.

In the television industry, the likes of Now TV offer seven day free trials. It gives the streaming service the ability to show off its range of programmes whilst giving customers a chance to binge on a series without spending a penny.

Are they effective?

Most marketing and business experts argue that a free trial of any product can benefit customers and organisations. From a gamers’ perspective, it gives them the chance to get to grips with a new game. It provides a huge benefit for those who like to play competitively. They can try new ways of playing, potentially giving them an advantage in the competitive world of online gaming. From the developer’s view, it gives the business an understanding of the public’s mood towards their new title. Perhaps the only true way to gauge the effectiveness of a free trial is to see the sales figures. 


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