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The Flip Side Review

The Flip Side Review – what we thought of this sweet new book 


Do you believe in Fate?


The Flip Side Review

I have just read the cutest most romantic  book by James Bailey the flip side. 

The Flip Side by James Bailey is the story of Josh whose story starts with both heartbreak and disappointment.

Josh proposes to his girlfriend the London Eye on New Year’s Eve, only to be turned down (and has to go through the entire experience.)

It all goes very wrong – he’s lost his girlfriend, job and flat  and so Josh (quirky like his author) makes every choice in his life by flipping a coin band it is amazing where chance can take you. 

And what it does is take Josh on a beautiful, funny, heartwarming story full of romance, friendships, family and fun.

How i loved this book. 

I read it in the bath long after the water went cold and I read it in bed cuddled in blankets till my eyes got weary. I had to know what happened!

I loved the characters an the heart in this book and I will be passing it on and recommending it widely. What lovely read.

Why don’t you treat yourself?



About the author 

The Flip Side is James’ debut novel, having been selected for Curtis Brown Creative’s Six Month Novel Writing Course.

What a great result.

My fave thing about James (who is clearly a character)  upon moving to London for university, during which time he avoided high rent by living in a Travelodge. James juggled studying Spanish with working as a red carpet reporter, interviewing stars such as George Clooney, Emma Stone and David Beckham.  How cool is that.


You can find him at  Instagram @JamesBaileyWrites, and at www.JamesBaileyWrites.com.


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