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The growing trend of grey and white laminate flooring

The recent trend for grey and white laminate flooring is one I heartily approved of and oh I am so tempted by the white for my kitchen.

I have sort of pine-ish laminate at the moment and although I find it very easy to clean it also looks a bit too much like ‘fake’ wood as the hall next to it is made of real wood and the two just do not work well together.

Doesn’t the white laminate below look beautiful.

I find the white gives such lovely clean lines and looks both simple and elegant.

white floor

The Prestige Plus Real White Oak Davos Laminate Flooring used in the picture above comes with a 25 year guarantee  and can handle heavy domestic use. Oh I just love it.

white plankI think it looks rather stunning in a playroom or child’ s bedroom too and would certainly be more hygienic than a carpet in there and easier to clean up spills.

A friend of mine whose daughter has asthma has just changed her bedroom flooring to laminate. How lovely it looks..it really opens up the space.

white broom

Grey laminate is also increasingly popular, in fact grey has seen a surge in all areas of design over the past year from wall coverings to fashion to sofas. Grey laminate can add a sophisticated and modern feel to any room

Have a look at how it works in a bathroom. Not only does it look elegant this is Aquastep Waterproof Laminate  and it will totally do the job too. Grey adds a a little more warmth than white  but still looks sleek and clean.


grey lam

And oh my how I would love a lounge with floor and a vista like his one… just gorgeous!


So am I sold on grey and white laminate…oh I absolutely think I am ! And I think this beautiful trend will run and run.


All images from Factory Direct Flooring




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  1. November 1, 2015 / 8:25 pm

    You’re absolutely right, it’s a great trend that is still gaining momentum, lovely flooring, just my thing.

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