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The Huge Benefits of Outdoor Play

The huge benefits of outdoor play are well documented but sadly kids are not reaping them in!

Staying indoors!

With spring in full swing and the days have started to get brighter, parents across the UK are encouraging their kids to embrace the outdoors. Major retailer TK Maxx has conducted research revealing that the average UK child only goes outside for half an hour each day. The poll of 2,000 parents with children aged 5 to 15 years old, found that the average child will spend as many as 2 days inside in a row. 

Isn’t that just so sad!


The Huge Benefits of Outdoor Play

The changing generations  in regard to outdoor play

The survey by labels-for-less retailer TK Maxx also revealed that 65% of parents believe they spent more time outdoors as a child than their children do now. The average parent spends over 2 hours a week (2.23) just trying to convince their kids to ditch the screens and head outside. 73% of parents said they would like their children to get more fresh air and exercise outside as it’s good for their health and well-being and 97% said they see positive changes, such as better moods, when they finally get their little ones outdoors.  


Parents want their kids to get outside more!

The study*, which delved into the time children spend indoors, revealed that 71% of parents want their children to get more fresh air and exercise, knowing it is good for their health (73%). When asked why their children were spending so little time outdoors, the top reasons included social media and screens being too addictive, being too busy, and children putting up a fuss about the weather and not having appropriate or trendy clothing.

Only 24% of parents believe their children have trendy clothes, and a whopping 79% express interest in purchasing big brand activewear for their kids if it’s budget-friendly. Only 24% of parents believe their children have clothes that they think are trendy. Parents (79%) say they would be more likely to buy big brand active wear for their children if it didn’t break the bank. TK Maxx is the ideal destination for affordable athleisure and sports gear, to help families get out and play.

This April, (TK Maxx and online at tkmaxx.com) has an exciting new selection of big-brand activewear and sports equipment tailored for active youngsters, available both in-store and online. With prices starting at just £14.99, parents can now kit their kids out with top-quality sports apparel, equipment, accessories, and toys, catering to ages 5-15. From footballs to rollerblades, sneakers to goggles, TK Maxx offers huge deals on the best brands of sportswear and equipment to encourage outdoor play. 

We need to do whatever works to get kids outdoor playing!

For more information, visit https://www.tkmaxx.com/uk/en/


  • Research of 2000 UK-based parents with children aged 5-15 years old commissioned by TK Maxx and conducted by OnePoll in April 2024.

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