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The Impact Of Pollution On Our Everyday Lives And Why You Should Care

In today’s society, pollution has become an ever-growing problem. It seems like every day we hear about another city or town that is dealing with some sort of environmental disaster. From the toxic water crisis in Flint, Michigan to the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the detrimental effects that pollution is having on our planet. But what does this mean for us on a personal level? How does pollution impact our everyday lives and why should we care? Read on as we explore these questions and more.


Polluted Water

One of the most obvious ways that pollution can impact our lives is through the water we drink. In Flint, Michigan, for example, residents were exposed to high levels of lead in their tap water after the city switched its water source to the Flint River to save money. The river water was not treated properly and as a result, lead from old pipes began leaching into the water supply. This resulted in a massive public health crisis, with many residents suffering from lead poisoning. This additionally resulted in the need to use indicators of water quality to make sure it was drinkable, which is something that many people take for granted. While Flint is an extreme example, it highlights the importance of clean water. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), over one-third of Americans get their drinking water from sources that are potentially contaminated with pollutants like lead, mercury, and arsenic. These pollutants can come from a variety of sources, including factories, power plants, and even our own homes.


  • While public water systems are regulated by the EPA and are required to regularly test for contaminants, private wells are not subject to the same regulations. This means that it is up to individuals to ensure that their water is safe to drink. The best way to do this is to have your water tested by a certified lab. You can also take steps to reduce the risk of contamination by having your well inspected and maintained regularly.


Air Pollution

Another way that pollution can impact our lives is through the air we breathe. Air pollution is caused by a variety of sources, including car exhaust, factory emissions, and even forest fires. This pollution can have several negative health effects, including respiratory problems, heart disease, and even cancer. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that over 4 million people die each year as a result of exposure to outdoor air pollution.


  • While we might not be able to eliminate air pollution, there are steps we can take to reduce our exposure to it. For example, we can choose to carpool or take public transportation instead of driving whenever possible. We can also make an effort to limit our exposure to heavily polluted areas and stay indoors on days when air pollution levels are high. Additionally, planting trees can help to reduce air pollution by absorbing harmful emissions.


Soil Pollution

Soil pollution is another type of pollution that can have a serious impact on our lives. Soil pollution is caused by the improper disposal of hazardous materials, like chemicals, oil, and sewage. This pollution can contaminate the food we grow in our gardens and the water we drink from wells. It can also lead to respiratory problems and skin irritation.


  • To reduce the risk of soil pollution, it is important to properly dispose of any hazardous materials you may be using in your home or business. You should also avoid using products that contain harmful chemicals, like pesticides and herbicides. Additionally, you can help to reduce soil pollution by composting your food scraps instead of throwing them away. This will help to fertilize the soil and improve its quality.



While litter might not seem like a serious problem, it can have a significant impact on our environment. Litter can contaminate the soil and water, and it can also be harmful to animals who mistake it for food. In addition, litter can make our parks and streets look unsightly. We can all help to reduce litter by being more careful with our trash. We can also make an effort to pick up litter when we see it. Additionally, we can support organizations that are working to clean up our environment, like Keep America Beautiful.



Pollution is a very big problem that most people don’t think about daily. It’s important to be aware of how pollution can impact our lives and take steps to reduce our exposure to it. By doing this, we can help to protect our health and the environment.



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