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The key components of a perfect bedroom

The key components of a perfect bedroom

I am feeling all kinds of great today.

Partly this is due to the fact it is half term and I am out of my normal routine but mainly it is due to the fact I have had some really good sleep this week.


key components of a perfect bedroom, the perfect bedroom

The key components of a perfect bedroom


I work hard and have a busy mind and sometimes when I get into bed at night I am just overtired and struggle to relax. Without good sleep though I get tense and tetchy so I do know it is something I have to prioritise.

Having a perfect bedroom conducive to sleep is crucial to me. Here are the 5 component I think make up a perfect bedroom and how they work for me.


The key components of a perfect bedroom

1) An alarm clock – I bet you weren’t expecting that! Well, an alarm clock is a great thing. Not only does it wake me up in the morning but it also( very importantly) means I leave my phone out of the bedroom.

This means I am not tempted to start scrolling when I should be sleeping, which let us face it can lead you down a rabbit hole of screentime. An alarm clock has no alluring screen or message pings and you can get on with the important job of winding down and sleeping.


components of a perfect bedroom


2) Blackout blinds – I know a lot of people consider blackout blinds something just a child needs but actually they are just a genius solution for all of us who long for a great nights sleep. Total darkness worked so for me these do a great job.

3) A fabulous mattress  –  I was recently sent a mattress from Casper to review and oh my goodness it’s good. It has a Zip-off knit cover so it is easy to clean.  It has an open-cell top layer which helps keeps you cool as you sleep and provides bounce.

I’m loving the bounce! It also has high-density memory foam to support pressure points. Since  I have slept on this mattress my joints have felt a lot less stiff in the mornings.. I have also definitely felt more comfortable and this is due to the transition layer allows for even weight distribution.

It feels so supportive and it has really given me some excellent sleep. A good mattress is so important and this one is just great.  (You also get 100-day free trial and your money back and the mattress was taken away if it’s not for you.)

4)  I need a bedside light good enough for me to read with but not too bright. I like a touch light so I don’t have to scrabble around trying to find the switches. This one by mini sun is rather lovely but my search for the perfect lamp is ongoing!

5) I think for a perfect nights sleep you absolutely need the perfect weight duvet. Personally, I would rather have a too light duvet and add blankets and throws as required. Have a peek at my post on tog ratings to find out what you need when. My advice would be to experiment a little to find out what is best for you.


 5 sleep essentials – The key components of a perfect bedroom

So there you have it my 5 sleeps essentials. I could add more, like great air quality, a light lavender fragrance, beautiful cotton bedding, the comfiest Pj’s in the world and a stash of amazing books by my bed but then this would be a very long blog post!

What would be in your perfect bedroom? and what do you think are the key components of a perfect bedroom?


components of a perfect bedroom

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