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The Key to a Blooming Flower Bed

The moment has finally arrived, autumn is showing its best side. Although you can enjoy the magnificent colors of the foliage, it is certain: our gardens will soon become more bare and it is now obvious that they should have been better taken care of last spring…

Gardens are everything or nothing, you love them, you dream about them, you imagine yourself cutting the lawn with a big smile while the kids play, you plan to become a pro at roses…. and then reality is a lot more complicated and you quickly feel overloaded.

Nevertheless, there are some tips and tricks of great horticulturists, which can greatly simplify the work. In addition, they can give your garden a much more well-kept look with just one action.


The Key to a Blooming Flower Bed

Nothing beats a good fertilizer

WIf you decide to invest time, space and money in the planting of a garden, you really can not neglect the fundamentals: fertilizer. And this sometimes involves little fancy choices, but which are fundamental for the well-being of your plants.

At this time of year, for example, the soil should be supplied with products that rot slowly, especially with organic fertilizers. Those that can be based on compost or manure.

Both options are complementary and provide a great and environmentally friendly natural nutrient for your plants. You can create your own compost at home: leftover food or leaves can become a good and cheap fertilizer. Still, a good compost needs to be combined with a stronger fertilizer: Manure. We all agree that it won’t smell as good as a good bouquet of flowers, but that is exactly what will make your flowers look good after blooming. So let’s hold our nose and look for the manure! Again, this is an organic and 100% natural choice. Even our great-great grandparents knew the benefits of this fertilizer, which has nothing more to prove and ensures outstanding quality of plant growth and lawn..

In spring, you can spoil your garden with more minor grooming. Again, it is not for the faint of heart! Blood powder, known as “blood meal”, a kind of vitamin shot, is a real ally of gardeners. It is a by-product of slaughterhouses, commonly used in organic farming, and has the advantage of gently releasing all the nutrients in which it is rich: nitrogen and iron. Its greening effect is almost immediate and it only takes one spreading to give your plants and lawn an elixir of beauty.

With these little tips, you can already lay the foundation for a gorgeous flower garden, with a beautiful, lush green lawn, plants with abundant leaves and flowers in vibrant colors. But you want more, don’t you?

The key to a blooming flower bed


The key to a blooming flowering bed

To ensure a lovely flower bed, you need to know the soil and its position well, and choose plants according to these variables. Of course, sun is a basic requirement, but too much sun can be equally harmful to the well-being of your plants. Based on the plants you choose, you can find specialized fertilizers in stores to help them grow at their best. For instance, roses need a lot of attention and are in great need of phosphorus. In contrast, peonies can feed on a good compost.

All the best beds have one thing in common: the flowers are beautifully laid out in a limited space separated from the garden border edging. Lawn edging sets are easy to install and immediately give your garden a neat look. You can find all the tips and products to lay them out right now. 

This way your garden will be your greatest pride next year!



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