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The Key To A Stylish And Child Friendly Home? Plenty Of Storage!

You spend years creating a stylish home which really reflects your personality and wham – a baby arrives! All of a sudden there are mounds of coloured plastic in every corner, safety cushions on the corners of your expensive table and crayon marks on the walls! Is it possible to retain a bit of style without compromising the safety of your children?


Stylish And Child Friendly Home



It would be a lovely thought, maintaining a little style whilst bringing up a new baby. With a little thought and planning it is entirely possible, although you may need to put your glass topped table into storage for a while! You could always opt to choose from a range of Console Tables, which will save lots of space and will be practical too!

The following tips will help you to create a stylish and child friendly home.



Thankfully you have lots of choice when choosing furniture which is child friendly. Many designers have designed furniture with removable and washable covers. You need to be aware of furniture with sharp corners, especially as it is likely to be at eye level once your child begins to walk. Avoid glass, and ensure there are no aspects to the furniture which may cause inquisitive little fingers from getting trapped.


Type of flooring

If you are considering changing your flooring opt for a material which is practical and easy to clean. Wooden floors look fantastic, but are quite difficult to maintain. Wooden floors may get scratched by toys. Laminate floors are a cheaper and more practical option and it comes in an array of styles.

Carpets are warm and they will prevent your child from slipping once they start to toddle. It is however tricky to keep clean, so if carpet is your choice, opt for carpets with a stain repellent coating.



You can totally change the look of your home by using stylish accessories and soft furnishings. Cushions, throws and artwork will really allow you to vamp up a room and add personality. As fashions change so rapidly changing your accessories will enable your house to remain stylish without breaking the bank!T

As on trend colour palettes change every season, you could opt to repaint a couple of walls in your home in an up to date colour. This is relatively inexpensive and will enable your home to keep up with interior design fashions.



Never underestimate the amount of storage you will need with children, it’s incredible the amount of “stuff” they need and want! The ability to store everything away at the end of a busy day playing, is essential when trying to maintain a stylish home and create a bit of adult time in the evening.

There are oodles of storage options that can be implemented in living room and bedrooms. If you choose large storage units, ensure they are fixed to the wall, just in case an exploring toddler decides to climb up. Storage units should not be allowed to topple as this is very dangerous.

Hopefully by following the above tips you will be well on your way to creating a stylish and child friendly home.



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