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The latest interior trends that will transform your home

The interior trends that will transform your home

There are several “in” trends that you could soon find yourself seriously considering for implementation in your residence’s interior. Maybe your aim could be simply giving a tired-looking building a long-overdue visual refresh. However, you might also want to bring more beauty to your home and so boost its appeal to potential buyers. Anyway, here are some of those trends…


interior trends that will transform your home


Interior trends that will transform your home


Smart home features

A Jetsons-style world where you only have to speak to switch on lights or lock a door seems to be emerging. It’s all thanks to the “smart home”, whereby intelligent digital assistants on smartphones or smart speakers can be connected to an array of appliances and take orders.

Security systems, smoke alarms, heating systems, and much more can now be controlled via voice or app. You could put more such products in your property and then activate them using an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet. A further alternative choice of smart home hub is a speaker like the Amazon Echo or Google Home.



Looks like that saying “less is more” wasn’t just a saying.Redfin real estate agents cited by Country Living have called minimalism popular with property buyers. Millennials seem especially excited by such stripped-down design features as neutral colours and open floor plans. It’s because, when buyers see a minimalist home, they can more easily picture themselves in it. This, in turn, can lead the property to sell more quickly.

You could strengthen this kind of aesthetic in your own home by arranging for Bifold Shop to install bifold doors, windows, patio doors and lantern roofs there. These can effectively turn more of those dull surfaces into glass, therefore letting in more light from the sun. You can also enjoy a panoramic view of the organic surroundings, making you feel like David Attenborough on an outdoor trek.


More green interior trends that will transform your home

What we have just said actually touches upon another current trend: adding more green to interiors! You probably weren’t aware that “Greenery” has been named Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2017. Daily Toast says that it “represents refreshment and revitalisation”. The site cites designer Christian Siriano saying: “My love of any green colour comes from the idea of bringing the outdoors inside.”

You could add not only the Greenery hue, but also many other variations of green, to your residence. Aim to be clever with your choices of fabrics, wallpaper, tiles, paint, and accessories.


interior trends that will transform your home

Built-in bars

It seems that many of us are increasingly forgoing nights out at the bar in favour of… well, bringing the bar into the house instead. Redfin has reported the annually rising popularity of “built-in bars”, having apparently noticed this growth when taking account of real-estate listing searches.

It’s not hard to see the attraction of such bars. They can help to keep guests happy when they are hosted at the property; these bars can also be intended for use at parties. An increasing number of homes have been advertised as including built-in bars, which further hints at their popularity.


interior design trends of 2018


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  1. Chris
    June 12, 2017 / 1:07 pm

    Loved the way you have listed the latest trends in Home Improvement space. The concept of home automation is definitely bringing a revolution in the way we live and run our house!

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