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The luxury Christmas gift guide

Searching for something special to mark the holiday season? Get inspired with our luxury Christmas gift guide which outlines the best presents for him and her, all ages, and family or friends.


The luxury Christmas gift guide


Diamonds are forever

In the words of DeBeers, Ian Fleming, Shirley Bassey, and countless others – diamonds are forever.

These precious gemstones have become a symbol of everlasting love, perfect as an extra-special gift for your partner or close family member. A diamond ring is a coveted choice for engagements and milestone anniversaries if you’re planning to capture someone’s heart this Christmas.


The gift of time

Is there any better present than the gift of time?

A luxury timepiece is as close as you can get to this goal, and it is an accessory that will last the ages. As with jewellery, watches can be personalised to the recipient: think about their style preferences and their lifestyle to find the right design.

Versatile options combine flair with functionality. A prime example is the TAG Heuer Aquaracer which exudes elegance but is also an all-terrain tool watch.  


A statement bag

Another luxury accessory that will always be well-received is a statement bag. This could range from a backpack suited to daily wear to a one-of-a-kind handbag that adds pizzazz to a glamorous outfit.

Look at brands that are recognised for their quality, prioritising handmade pieces over mass-produced factory-crafted items. It is also best to stick to classic designs that will work for years. Trends will come and go, but there are some designer handbags that will never go out of style.


Indulgent liquid gold

Sometimes, simple is best: you can’t go wrong investing in champagne – indulgent liquid gold.

Pick up a bottle of champagne from a high-end brand like Moët and dress it up in lavish wrappings. Take it over the top with an ice bucket, fancy tongs, and a set of exquisitely crafted glasses.

With the glasses, you can choose between modern flutes or the traditional coupe style that is a popular choice for posh parties.


The luxury Christmas gift guide

Heavenly scent

A heavenly scent will be seen as heaven-sent by whoever receives your gift.

Before you make any purchases, find out what ‘notes’ they like and dislike. Some people will respond to sweet, musky undertones while others will want a bright and refreshing scent like citrus. You can also centre the gift around wellness by choosing a product grounded in relaxing florals like lavender.

Once you have established their preferences, hit the high street to browse designer aftershaves and the best perfumes with a long-lasting scent. Take advantage of shop testers!


Life-enhancing gadgets

There is so much technology on the market that there is no shortage of life-enhancing gadgets to choose from this Christmas.

This might be something as classic as a portable Bluetooth speaker which is endlessly useful, whether you are going for a picnic in the park, having a party, or heading abroad. Alternatively, you can go more high-tech with the latest devices such as a connected watch with smart functions.

Are you shopping for a teenager? You can’t go wrong with gaming devices, either fixed like an Xbox or portable such as a Nintendo Switch. A laptop might also come in useful for doing homework, or if they are primed for university next year.



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