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The Master of Complication: 5 Best Franck Muller Ladies’ Watches

Top 5 Franck Muller Ladies’ Watches

  1. Crazy Hours – Endless Fun in a Timepiece
  2. Vanguard Lady Heart – A Wristwatch of Romance
  3. Lady Skeleton – Intricacy in Luxury
  4. Cintree Curvex – The Classic Brand Silhouette
  5. Vanguard™ Casablanca – The Reimagined Casablanca


The Master of Complication: 5 Best Franck Muller Ladies’ Watches

Frank Muller Ladies’ watches are among the most exclusive timepieces in the luxury watch world. These specifically cater to the most privileged, and their limited production is notoriously low, leading to their skyrocketing prices in the secondary market. 

What adds to their values are their intricate details, time-consuming manufacturing process, and use of top-tier materials for their unique aesthetics. Additionally, since established in Switzerland in 1992, Franck Muller has been known for its exquisite complications, putting itself a great contender among luxury watch brands for the ladies. 

The confident and knowledgeable design choices that go into the creation of Franck Muller’s ladies’ watch collection ensure each timepiece offers unparalleled beauty and reliable performance. Discover what the brand offers for classy ladies like you through this guide. 


Franck Muller


Top 5 Franck Muller Ladies’ Watches

At a Glance

  Crazy Hours Vanguard Lady Heart Lady Skeleton Cintree Curvex  Vanguard™ Casablanca
Size -55 x 40mm

-36 x 46mm

-45 x 32mm

(sizes vary)

-32 x 42.3mm

-35 x 46mm

(sizes vary)

-32 x 42.3mm

-35 x 46mm

(sizes vary)

23 x 31mm to 30 x 39mm 41 x 49mm or 42.5 x 52.7mm
Dial  -“Crazy” Arabic Numerals arrangement

-Comes in classic white, mysterious black, vibrant blue, and more

-Heart motifs across the dial

-Classic white and black to more vibrant and bold hues

-Skeleton dial

-Comes in contrasting numerals for easy readability

-Curved dial

-Art Deco-inspired Arabic numerals

-Guilloche Decoration

-Classic silver or black to vibrant hues such as pink, blue, or yellow

-Hand-applied numerals

-Numerals in Super-LumiNova® C3 (black and salmon references)

Case -Cintrée Curvex shape

-Equipped with a sapphire crystal

-Steel, 18k rose gold or white gold

-Signature Vanguard Case

-Features a solid case back

-Steel, 18k rose gold or white gold

-Cintrée Curvex shape

-Stainless steel and white, yellow, or rose gold

-See-through case back

-Tonneau Shape

-Steel, 18k rose gold or white gold

-Solid or transparent case back

-Cintrée Curvex shape

-Domed sapphire crystal

-Stainless Steel

Bezel -Fixed bezel

-Steel, 18k rose gold or white gold

-Diamond embellishment

-Fixed bezel

-Steel, 18k rose gold or white gold


-Fixed bezel


-Fixed bezel


-Fixed bezel

-Curved and rounded case middle and bezel design

Strap -High-quality leather or alligator skin

-Comes in black and brown to more vibrant hues

-Traditional buckle or a folding clasp

-High-quality leather or rubber 

-Traditional buckle or a folding clasp

-High-quality alligator leather

-Straps are available in various colors

-Traditional buckle or deployment clasp

-Premium leather

-Traditional tang buckle or a deployment clasp

-Alligator leather strap

-Stainless steel deployment buckle

Movement -Self-winding

-42-hour power reserve


-42-hour power reserve

-Manual winding

-Approximately four days

-Automatic, manual winding and quartz variants may be available

-42-hour power reserve

-Self-winding caliber with bi-directional rotor system

-42-hour power reserve


The Crazy Hours, Vanguard Lady Heart, Lady Skeleton, Cintree Curvex, and Vanguard™ Casablanca models by Franck Muller house a range of unique designs and features. Given their variability, potential buyers should research each model’s specifications, like the watches’ caliber, to select the right wristwatch that fits their style and needs.

We’ll guide you more as we dive deeper into individual Franck Muller watch collections through the subsequent sections:



1. Crazy Hours – Endless Fun in a Timepiece

The Crazy Hours collection is excellent for ladies seeking a unique and fun timepiece. This collection showcases a playful spirit with its unconventional arrangement of numerals on the dial. Time-telling is effortless, as the hour hand jumps to the correct numeral for each hour while the minute hand follows the traditional path.

As one of the brand’s popular watch collections, Crazy Hours can dictate a high price for their individual models. You’ll be set to spend around S$19,939 to S$45,195 when bought in new conditions or S$7,841 to S$95,224 if you’re buying from the secondary market. 

Certain models, especially those in high demand but with low production, can be re-sold at high prices. If you want your timepiece to act as a future investment, it’s worth considering buying a limited edition Crazy Hour ladies’ watch.


2. Vanguard Lady Heart – A Wristwatch of Romance

The Vanguard Lady features a dynamic design of sporty style and feminine elegance. The colored numerals on the sun-stamped dial create an eye-catching contrast against the background, while the distinct shape of the case adds a modern touch. This watch is perfect for ladies who desire a timepiece that makes a strong statement while offering a touch of grace.

Regarding its price, a model like the Franck Muller Vanguard Lady Heart Skeleton Color Dreams Diamond can cost you S$42,448 from an Authorized Dealer (AD). Meanwhile, this can be bought for S43,361 only from a Grey Market Dealer (GD). 

Depending on market conditions, watches from the Vanguard Lady Collection may have skyrocketing prices. By choosing the right watch to invest in, you can ensure that it will give you substantial returns in no time. 


3. Lady Skeleton – Intricacy in Luxury

The Lady Skeleton series is a must-have for ladies who appreciate the beauty of mechanical watchmaking. The intricate skeleton movement is displayed prominently, allowing the wearer to admire the finely crafted mechanism. The hours and minutes are denoted by elegant hands, which glide effortlessly over the openwork dial. 

One of the in-demand watches from this collection of Franck Muller watches would be the Round Lady Skeleton Rose Gold Diamonds. Though this sells for S$79,983 in the Grey Market, this may only retail for around S$78,362. 

Timepieces with skeleton complications are truly mesmerizing for watch connoisseurs. Due to low production numbers, Lady Skeleton may give you a higher return in the future. 


4. Cintree Curvex – The Classic Brand Silhouette

The Cintree Curvex is a timeless and elegant ladies’ watch. Its distinct tonneau-shaped case creates a harmonious blend of curves and contours, making it stand out among watch designs. The refined and luxurious appeal of the collection is versatile enough to complement a range of outfits and occasions.

As a set that represents the brand, Cintree Curvex watches remain one of the world’s luxury watches. The collection starts at S$30,570, but skeletonized models may be sold at around S$45,191. If pre-owned, some may sell for S$1,709 to S$171,457. 

Ideally, Cintree Curvex watches with grand complications or designed jewels may cost more when sold in the secondary market. It’s important to consider these facts if you’re collecting luxury watches for investment purposes. 


5. Vanguard™ Casablanca – The Reimagined Casablanca

The Vanguard™ Casablanca offers a sleek, tonneau-shaped case, vibrant numerals, and contrasting dial colors; this timepiece is a remarkable blend of daring and elegance. The generously sized minute and hour hands emphasize the watch’s distinct characteristics, making the Vanguard™ Casablanca a perfect choice for confident, stylish women.

V 45 or other timepieces from the collection can set you back about S$12,600 from retailers or S$7,459 to S$9,999 from private sellers. 

Like the Master Square watches, or the most complicated wristwatch, Aeternitas Mega, among others, the Vanguard™ Casablanca may also exponentially increase in its value in the future, depending on their complications, materials, demand, and design.


Where to Buy a Franck Muller Ladies Watch?

One of the foremost options in purchasing Franck Muller ladies’ watches is purchasing directly from Franck Muller’s official boutiques. Their timepieces are exclusively distributed through these boutiques and Authorized Dealers, ensuring the authenticity and quality of the watch you buy.

Another well-known retailer for Franck Muller watches are Grey Market Dealers. This avenue allows watch buyers to choose various brands, models, and price options. 

Find out how Authorized Dealers and Grey Market Dealers differ through the table below:

  Authorized Dealers Grey Market Dealers
Product Source Direct from the manufacturer. Secondary sources, not directly from the manufacturer.
Price Usually higher due to manufacturer’s price controls. Often lower due to a lack of official price controls.
Warranty A manufacturer’s warranty is typically offered. Manufacturer’s warranty may not apply; dealers may present their own warranty.
Authenticity Guaranteed authentic, new products. Authenticity is generally assured but may sell used or refurbished watches.
Customer Service Regular customer service and after-sales service. Quality of customer service may vary.
Product Selection Limited to what the manufacturer produces. It may have various models and brands, including discontinued models.


When buying a Franck Muller ladies’ watch, consider the main features of authorized and grey market dealers. 

  • Authorized dealers guarantee authenticity and include the manufacturer’s warranty, but it may cost more. 
  • Grey market dealers offer lower prices and a wider variety, but there is a small risk of acquiring counterfeit products. 

Overall, your decision should align with your budget, preference for newer models or discontinued ones, and the importance of warranty coverage. If you opt for a grey market dealer, ensure it’s well-trusted by many.


Final Word

In conclusion, Franck Muller ladies’ watches truly encapsulate haute horlogerie, offering models that fit a range of styles and preferences. From the playful eccentricity of Crazy Hours to the skeletal artistry of the Lady Skeleton, each watch is a testament to the brand’s craftsmanship and creativity. 

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a novice watch enthusiast, you will find a timepiece that captivates and inspires in the Franck Muller watch ladies’ collection.


Key Takeaways

  • Renowned to be the “Master of Complications,” Franck Muller pushes the boundaries of horology with its creative dial designs, intricate complications, and the iconic Cintrée Curvex case shape that is the brand’s signature.
  • On average, Franck Muller watches can cost you S$3,987 for classic designs and S$146,221 for timepieces with diamonds or precious stones. 
  • Franck Muller watches hold strong investment potential due to their distinctive designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and reputation as a high-quality Swiss watchmaker.

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