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The motivational impact of resolutions in people’s lives


What do the end of summer and the beginning of the new year have in common? They are extremely special periods when people, for one reason or another, convince themselves that they can make significant improvements in their lives by making a list of good intentions and related deadlines for the following months.

The goals we set ourselves at the end of the summer are not as ambitious as those that characterise the beginning of the year, but the mere conviction that we can improve, regardless of the real possibility of reaching the final goal, is certainly a great incentive to start the autumn with optimism, with the hope of finding simple and effective methods that can improve our mood, our social life, our performance in the workplace, and thus set a completely different tone for our existence. When summer ends, moreover, people usually get caught up in a general feeling of discouragement and sadness, as if that time of year will never come again, and they try hard to find non-binding antidotes to that incipient malaise that threatens to spoil the autumn, the Christmas season and even the beginning of the new year.

Regardless of everything else, the end of summer is undoubtedly an extremely propitious time to make concrete changes to one’s existence, and each of us – even those who are not used to setting themselves real goals to achieve – should undoubtedly take advantage of this favourable time interval to try to improve themselves, to increase their well-being and productivity, also through new activities to undertake or new courses to enrol in, with the aim of improving a specific skill or knowledge of some specific subject. Here are more practical tips to learn new skills:  https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/career-development/learn-new-skills


A strong incentive

The importance people attach to ‘good intentions’ should not be underestimated: in some cases, the conviction of being able to improve takes on the role and appearance of a strong motivator, pushing people to achieve the goals they had previously set. By nature, man is in fact eternally driven towards the search for a better condition, a practical and concrete method to improve his life, whether from a purely economic point of view – by obtaining a new job and a better salary – or from a spiritual and health point of view, through the study of some particular discipline or the discovery of new sources for physical and mental well-being. In this ultra-globalised society that seems to run at the speed of light, many people fail to achieve their wellness goals due to a lack of motivation, which in most cases is the main brake on achieving a fully satisfying life in line with their goals.

So-called ‘good intentions’ are therefore a fabulous incentive for all those who wish to improve the quality of their lives, and the time when they are set should also be the time when people make the decision to enrol in training or sports courses that can change something in their daily rhythms. We are not only talking about dance classes or gym memberships, but also about real specialised courses dedicated to strengthening an existing skill or focused on achieving a high level of inner well-being. Here you will find more tips to improve the quality of your life: https://abeautifulspace.co.uk/how-to-stay-fit-and-active-in-later-years/.



The springs of well-being

This kind of wellbeing can also be easily triggered by certain online applications, or by participation in lessons or meetings organised on the net: the global pandemic, in the last two years, has also heavily conditioned the daily activities of those who organise yoga courses or seminars, confronting them with the possibility of also holding virtual classes, in which participants follow the lessons via the Internet. The health emergency, from this point of view, has greatly shortened the distance between the physical and virtual worlds, helping many people to familiarise themselves with the countless entertainment opportunities offered by the net.

The boom in the use of the Net over the last two years has enabled many users to find fabulous sources of entertainment also online, such as those offered by https://arabianbetting.com/en/. This kind of site has blurred the differences between traditional entertainment – that linked to physical casinos – and virtual entertainment, allowing thousands of new players to find their favourite games in a safe and perfectly legal manner. The transition to digital has also been greatly facilitated by the presence of very useful online guides and reviews, which have also guided new players through the steps of registering and actually trying out the different online casino games.

Don’t be saddened by the onset of autumn: as the leaves of the trees fall to the ground, drawing fanciful shapes in the air, the opportunities to find new sources of entertainment (especially online) multiply like mushrooms suddenly growing in the undergrowth.

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