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The paint trends you should consider if you’re renovating your kitchen in 2024 

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home, as you use it to prepare and cook meals, as well as receive guests and serve the latest foods you’ve prepared and desserts you’ve baked. Since it sees so much activity and so many tasks are completed here, it goes without saying that it should receive frequent makeovers as well, so you can guarantee that it remains in tip-top shape. And while many new trends appear every year, there is one that is often overlooked: the colours. 

Considering that the shades and hues you use are crucial for the final look you’ll opt for, you want to make your choice carefully and ensure you’re going for a style you’ll continue to like in the future as well. Here are the most fashionable colours for 2024. 


The paint trends you should consider if you’re renovating your kitchen in 2024 



Blue is a trendy colour this year, and many homeowners choose to integrate it into their households. Although it isn’t a neutral shade, blue is nonetheless versatile and can be incorporated into many different designs. The shade of blue you choose largely depends on your personal taste. If you’re looking for bolder accents, you should choose a deeper shade of blue. You can get it for an accent wall or a kitchen island. 

If you’d rather incorporate it as part of a larger design, calmer and more subdued shades will work just as well. You might want to look into the options available on Kitchen warehouse in order to change your kitchen units as well to fit the new style. The classic option is to choose something in a simple, classic shade like beige or brown. But if you’d rather incorporate more colour, you can always opt for a colour-blocking design. A mustard yellow would work best to create a design that’s both lively and sophisticated. 


Earth tones 

Over the past few years, the love for neutrals has continued to grow, and their timelessness attracts many who want to renovate their rooms. Neutrals are also reminiscent of nature and the outdoors, making them appealing for those who live in the big cities and don’t have access to natural areas on a daily basis, as well as a natural style choice for those who live in rural areas. In a sense, the style emphasises minimalism but not the standard one that favours crisp lines and shades of white. 

Earth tones are warm and soft browns and greens that come from the use of natural materials. The kitchen should feel relaxing, welcoming and warm. If you’re not sure where to start, you can look for inspiration in Scandinavian or Japanese style. There’s also a fusion design between the two known as Japandi, which calls for good craftsmanship in the way household items are created as well. 


Tuxedo cabinets 

Black and white is a classic colour combo that will never go out of style. Also known as two-toned cabinets, the term “tuxedo” comes from the fact that the top cupboards are white and the bottom ones are dark. This design fits a modern kitchen with a contemporary style and is the ideal choice if you want a sleek design. But, if the traditional tuxedo style isn’t something you like, you can also put a spin on the look. 

Wooden lower cabinets will be a popular trend this year, so you can simply choose wood units in different shades. For instance, you can pick taupe for the top cabinets and a warm, smokehouse brown for the ones at the bottom. Both have grey undertones, so they fit well together and are simultaneously warm and cool to create an elegant yet comfortable atmosphere. 



Following the same trend that calls for a return to nature, green will also be a popular hue in 2024. Much like blue, the most popular shades are the relaxing ones, those reminiscent of forests, leaves and grass. Using this type of green will make your kitchen feel like a soothing and comforting space. Spring tones and olive greens will be the most popular. If you don’t like the idea of painting the walls or furniture green, you can try accent areas. 

A blackened olive green is the perfect choice for a few accent pieces, like chairs, cabinetry doors or a piece of wall artwork. It is just the thing you need to bring the charm of this versatile shade into your home design without disrupting the rest of your kitchen style. 



If you’re tired of soft tones and neutrals, red is the answer for you. After the rise of millennial pink over the past few years, the world of interior design has moved on to far more impactful colours. There’s nothing quite like red to create a vibrant room, so if you want your kitchen to give you a boost of energy anytime you walk inside, you should definitely consider it as the ideal choice. In fact, the kitchen is one of the easiest places in your house where you can incorporate a bolder hue. 

If you’re ready to incorporate more colour, choose a deep blue or green. Black or charcoal grey work just as well, but make sure that your kitchen isn’t on the smaller side. Otherwise, the dark shades will make the place seem claustrophobic. 


Victorian colours 

Incorporating vintage pieces and antiques into your home design is a great way to add personality and character to your home. The classic Victorian palette is coming back in style this year. It traditionally includes deep and rich tones and tends to be on the darker side. Burgundy, chestnut, maroon and dark blues and greens are the colours you should gravitate towards if you want a kitchen inspired by the era. 

You can never go wrong with the natural colours of hardwood, especially after it has been polished and varnished. This sturdy material looks even better with age, so make sure to keep your items for many years and continue using them. Place the dining table at the centre of the room, make the flooring from a natural material like limestone and install glass cabinetry for a look that draws inspiration from the era but remains unique nonetheless. 

When looking to freshen up your kitchen, make sure you pay attention to the colour trends. This way, you can find the shade that works best for you and the layout of your room so that you end up with a design that’ll make you feel at home. 


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