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The perfect bedroom to help you sleep

Today – The perfect bedroom to help you sleep

The perfect bedroom to help you sleep


The perfect bedroom to help you sleep – simple design hacks

Oh, do you long for the perfect bedroom to help you sleep?

You probably know by now I like my home to be a truly beautiful space, and it is true I really do. I also like it to work for me in practical terms. As far as bedrooms go I would have to say above all else they need to be conducive to a good nights sleep, it is what they are designed for after all.

It goes without saying that a good nights sleep is critical to our health and wellbeing both physically and mentally. There are of course a huge  variety of things we can do to help us sleep./ I’m talking about:

  • Relaxing bath times
  • Lavender oil body lotion
  • A regular routine
  • Fresh air  and exercise throughout the day
  • Airing you worries o journaling them pre-sleep
  • Having a lovely, warm bath

All these things will help you sleep and are actions you can take.

In terms of your bedroom decor and design, there are also a number of things you can do.


The perfect bedroom to help you sleep

Keep it simple

Busy bedrooms are not great sleep inducers and personally, I find patterns a bit frazzling. I like plain duvets and blinds and carpets in a bedroom. A slight wallpaper pattern that is really unobtrusive and subtle would be just about bearable to me but to be honest I do prefer plain walls too. In terms of colours white always works but pale blues and greens and creams and greys I also find very calming. I would avoid primary colours in the bedroom and keep things very muted – it absolutely helps the brain to relax.


The perfect bedroom to help you sleep



Have a good bed and a great mattress

You need a bed that is big enough, super comfortable and good quality.  Have a look at the beds from bed guru Your mattress needs all these qualities too. Having a good bed and mattress will help you sleep and are probably 2 of the most important elements in your bedroom design. Getting these right is so important and the key to good rest.


Keep it decluttered

A bedroom full of stuff to be out away, discarded belongings or odds and ends that have no home will just agitate you. make sure our bedroom has a good declutter and maintain it. You will sleep much more easily.


Keep it tidy

Good storage will really help keep your bedroom tidy and this will add to your feeling of calm and relaxation. If you build a little routine around this too you will find it becomes a good habit. This will help create the perfect bedroom to help you sleep


All you need to hand

Having your glasses, your book, a bedside lamp and clock by your side make winding down at night much easier. You really might want to rethink having a phone and phone charger in your room as it can be so easy to start checking facebook and suddenly find it is hours past your bedtime. Yes, I am speaking from experience!  maybe a pretty old fashioned alarm clock would be better.


I do hope the bedroom design hacks will kickstart you into creating the perfect bedroom to help you sleep.


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