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The perfect mug

Today – The perfect mug


perfect mug


The perfect mug

I was sent the most lovely set of mugs to review over Christmas and I have been proudly showing them off on the gram and facebook over the last few weeks. Turns out many people are keen on finding a perfect mug  Readers have talked about rounded bottoms, strong handles, looking for something substantial.  My  Canterbury Pottery mug posts have proved some of my most popular ever.

Who knew pottery mugs would be so popular.

Not me!

On reflection, though it’s obvious really isn’t it..mugs are something we use each and every single day – of course, they matter. We are all seeking the perfect pottery mug.

Well, let me tell you I think I have found it.


The chubby coffee mug

The chubby coffee mug from Canterbury pottery is just so pretty, I use nothing else nowadays! Each is hand thrown on the wheel and has a hand-pulled handle. The handle is large and well clear of the cup and the cup is really smooth to drink out of and such a pleasing shape. There were a few options for glazes including red, green or oatmeal but oh I loved the blue.

A proper mug and a treat to drink out of. And I so love that it is handmade.

My fave coffee cup ever! I may have to order in a few more.


perfect mug



About Canterbury Pottery

Established in 1963 Canterbury Pottery is run by Richard & Jan Chapman.in the heart of Canterbury In the studio at the rear of the showroom, this husband and wife team are producing beautiful handmade pottery at affordable prices – they can also be purchased online. All their items are practical for daily life and are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. items include jugs, bowls, lanterns, candlesticks and so much more.

Do you agree I have found the perfect mug?

You can follow Canterbury Pottery on facebook here


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