The perfect secret santa gift

Tricky Secret Santa Shopping

Secret Santa is mean to be fun isn’t it? Just a small and anonymous gift that you have to buy for some randomly selected person. No stress involved, not too expensive just a gesture at Christmas time.

Oh, it doe not always work out that way does it? I have known so many people absolutely stressed and perplexed in the process of buying a secret Santa gift. There are two problems most people seem to encounter:

1) what can you buy that is inexpensive but that will also be really appreciated

2) How can you possibly choose a gift for someone you probably don’t know too well without getting it very wrong?

Hmm – these really can be an issue so you have to get smart with your secret Santa shopping, What can you think of that everyone and anyone might appreciate?

Here are a couple of ideas that really will delight.


Secret Santa Ideas that everyone will love

If you work in an office a nice mug and some hot chocolate or good coffee will I am sure, be much appreciated..or how about a box of biscuits..everyone loves a treat don’t they.

There are very few people I know that don’t absolutely love sweet treats and you really cannot go wrong with a sweet secret Santa

Thorntons do these so well. Have a look at some of their options!

For something a little more grown up they have truffles!

or how about some cherries in liqueur …mmmm

Or you could think out the box and go for a fun gadget like a key finder, or maybe a plant, or a funky pair of socks but you do run the risk of getting it very wrong.

I think the key is not to over think or worry about it too much. Just keep it sweet and simple.

Oh, and a box of truffles will please me any day!



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