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The Perfect Shower Routine Aesthetic – 5 Top Tips

Rhiannon Johns, interior designer and Head of Brand at gift and homeware store Piglet in Bed, has shared 5 ways to upgrade your shower routine to make the first month of the year a little 

According to the Pinterest Predicts Report 2023, Gen X and Boomers are looking for ways to upgrade their self-care habits, with a +460% increase in searches for the perfect ‘shower routine aesthetic’, and the hashtag gaining over 2.6 million views on TikTok.

I guess everyone is after an instaworthy shower!

The Perfect Shower Routine Aesthetic


Lay out all your essentials for the perfect shower routine

Nothing beats wrapping yourself in a fresh and soft cotton towel, but it’s easy to forget to lay out a fresh towel and robe in the midst of running into the shower, so set out your cosy essentials like your dressing robe and slippers in close proximity to your shower before you even begin your routine. This will help you avoid that chilly, soggy run from the bathroom to your bedroom.

For extra comfort, lay your towel over a heated rail or radiator to keep it warm and toasty while you shower. 


Fill your space with soothing scents for the Perfect Shower Routine aesthetic

Scented candles are a must-have addition to your self-care routine because they not only infuse your space with a wonderful scent, but they can also create a calming, peaceful atmosphere. Opt for comforting aromas like fresh linen or jasmine to unwind blissfully in no time.

If you want to infuse your space in a different way, essential oils are an excellent way to fill it with fresh scents and create an aromatherapy experience. Put a bowl of hot water with a few drops of your favourite essential oils on your bathroom shelf. Once your shower starts to steam, the oils will transform your bathroom into a luxurious, aromatic sanctuary.


The Perfect Shower Routine Aesthetic

Upgrade your bathroom interiors

Upgrading your shower routine entails more than just changing out your skin and haircare products. Changing the interior design of your bathroom can entice you to spend even more time in your luxury retreat. Why not spruce up your interiors with a new bath mat or curtain that can be coordinated with your current decor or used to bring a trendy pop of colour into your otherwise neutral aesthetic? 

Additionally, a coir mat can be a great way to mark the entrance to your bathroom. Coir mats provide both an aesthetic appeal as well as an effective way to trap dirt and debris from being tracked into your bathroom. Make an Entrance stock of a range of coir mats in different sizes, colours and designs to suit any décor. They are also a great way to add a touch of style to your entrance without spending too much money. If you’re interested in making a statement with your bathroom entrance, coir mats are an ideal choice.

For those neutral bathrooms, consider a bright colour like raspberry red or terracotta to add warmth to your space. If you prefer a more tame colour palette, white towels are a classic that will never go out of style. Opt for bath sheets in the largest size to bring that sought-after hotel feel into your home. 

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Use a natural exfoliant  in your shower routine

Throughout the day, our skin produces a buildup of sweat and other natural body oils, and without regular cleansing, all of that dirt and oil can accumulate. Chemical soaps can be harsh on your skin, stripping away essential oils that can lead to irritation; instead, choose gentle cleansers and natural soaps with added moisturisers to leave your skin feeling smooth and nourished.

Follow up with a nourishing body moisturiser in your favourite scent and you’re good to go! After all, nothing feels better than jumping into your fresh sheets after showering and moisturising.


Bring nature indoors with some fresh greenery

Incorporating greenery into your bathroom not only makes it look 10x prettier, but it also has numerous health benefits. Hanging fresh eucalyptus not only adds instant spa vibes, but it also improves air quality and releases essential oils, creating a calming, blissful atmosphere.

Start by rolling a rolling pin across the leaves of your eucalyptus bunch to extract the essential oils. If you want to infuse your space even more, mix in your favourite flower stems at this point, and reap the benefits later!  Then, using string or twine, secure your bunch so that you can hang it on your shower.

Simply tie the eucalyptus bunch to your shower head or shower basket, and voila! You’ll have an insta-worthy shower that you can’t wait to get into and the perfect shower routine!


I do hope you have enjoyed this post on The Perfect Shower Routine Aesthetic


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