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The subtle art of office design: Creating spaces that boost employee morale and productivity



When it comes to office design, there’s no denying that looks matter. Numerous studies have demonstrated there’s a direct link between the aspect and layout of an office and the performance and productivity levels of the people working in that space. That’s not to say employees require a certain type of interior design to work efficiently. However, the interior architecture and design elements that make up an office environment such as furniture pieces, lighting fixtures, colours, temperature, spatial proportions and so on have a notable impact on how they perform their daily duties. 

In other words, a properly designed office that combines functionality with visual appeal and comfort is bound to make a positive difference in terms of creativity, productivity, efficiency and employee satisfaction. If you’ve ever worked in an office, you’re probably well aware of this correlation and don’t need any studies to confirm what you already know.

And yet, many organisations and companies give little to no importance to these facts and choose to set up their offices in the same dull and impersonal style: standard desks and chairs occupying all the square footage with no regard to aesthetics, ambience or strategic layouts. Employees then do their best to bring minor improvements and beautify their workspaces, which often leads to an inconsistent and rather odd-looking scenery.

If this sounds like a recipe for an interior design disaster that you don’t want to replicate in your own office, here’s what you can do to create a conducive workspace that your employees will enjoy and will benefit your bottom line.


Make smart use of the space

Although aesthetics is important, it should never trump functionality. That’s why you need to start by focusing on the layout of your office and come up with a floor plan that is suitable for your company. A good layout ensures a smooth workflow and encourages interaction, making it easier for employees to communicate, collaborate and perform the tasks at hand effectively. 

Instead of having your team spend the entire day in the same room, you should separate the space into multiple areas designated for different activities, such as conference rooms, lounges, offices etc., while also making sure that people can move around freely between these areas.


Invest in good office furniture

Office life means that employees spend the better part of their day sitting at a desk in front of a screen, so it’s important to make them feel as comfortable as possible while they work. Providing adequate furniture is a great way to enhance the comfort, functionality and look of your office.

High-quality furniture like adjustable sit/stand desks and ergonomic chairs ensures the necessary support and helps your employees maintain a good posture, thus reducing the risk of fatigue, back, neck, and shoulder pain, and other related health issues. These days, there’s a wide range of reputable office furniture companies like Vepa on the market that provide a variety of furnishings for professional settings, so finding the right pieces for your office is just a matter of research.


Keep your office clean and tidy

Clutter is the enemy of creativity, clarity and productivity, and can easily lead to chaos in a busy office environment. Keeping your office perfectly organised can be a real challenge, especially if you have limited space and a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis. 

The most effective way to avoid clutter and disorder in the office and maintain the workspace in a decent state is to ensure plenty of storage space where employees can keep their files, office supplies, equipment, personal belongings, and so on. Modern storage solutions are a far cry from the outdated cupboards and filing cabinets that once dominated the office landscape, giving you the possibility to choose office units that make organisation feel like a breeze and double as power points, and seating areas and improve the overall appearance of your office. 


Consult with your employees

No one knows the inner workings of the office and the things that could improve the work setting better than your employees. So, you should take their needs and requirements into account when planning your office design.

Consulting with your staff will provide you with new ideas on how to adapt the workspace to meet their specific needs and make them feel like their opinion counts. It would also help if you gave employees the opportunity to bring their own contribution and personalise their individual spaces, within reasonable limits.


Make the space reflect your brand and company culture

The way your office looks and feels should also mirror your company’s values and vision. Employees tend to perform better when they understand and resonate with their company’s culture and message. This gives them a sense of belonging and creates a more inspiring and motivating work environment. 

Using colours that are included in your branding and design elements that align with your company’s values and mission can help you achieve this. You can also work with professional interior designers and create custom office furniture, which you can learn more about at https://vepa.co.uk/, to create a space that’s uniquely yours, and get your employees to take pride in the workplace.

Other noteworthy office upgrades that can have a positive impact in improving employee productivity and satisfaction include providing good lighting conditions (preferably abundant natural light), ensuring an optimum room temperature and ventilation, and including plants and art pieces in your office décor.

Creating an office space that looks and feels great might require more time, effort and investment than settling for the standard work setting, but the benefits you get to enjoy in terms of employee morale, productivity, and performance make it worth your while.



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