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The Top 10 Dog Breeds That Won’t Mind Small Apartments

Despite your tiny home, you can still have a fluffball to call your own. There are plenty of dog breeds that suit small apartments; some might shock you.

Not all apartment dogs are small breeds, shocking, right? Although most small dogs are suited for flats and are accepted at dog friendly accommodations, some giant breeds fit the criteria too. Most apartment dogs are easily trainable and laid back. So, you really can become a pet parent even if you live in a cramped apartment.

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That said, here are the best dog breeds for apartment living.


Biewer Terrier

These small-statured pups get along with everyone. The tiny tots do not shed much.

Biewer Terriers (said like “beaver”) are descendants of the Yorkshire Terrier family. They have a long tail that falls over their back. Like the Yorkie, these terriers are hypoallergenic.

They like to play and will often show off for you. Plenty of toys will keep these energy balls entertained for hours on end.

Being such tiny tots, Biewer Terriers are perfect lap dogs. They will genuinely try their absolute best to comfort you when you are feeling down.

Even though the breed is relatively new, having been recognized by the AKC only in early 2021, it has a loyal following. It might be pretty tricky to get your hands on this gorgeous breed.


English Bulldog

This low-maintenance dog breed is perfect for apartment living. They are also sometimes referred to as couch potatoes. These pooches are extraordinarily affectionate and relaxed.

English bulldogs are often characterized as stubborn, intelligent, gentle, and dependable. This breed is a quiet breed, with a strong and loud bark that is saved for rare occasions.

They are very trainable and dependent on people, but training them from the puppy stage will prevent separation anxiety.

As they cannot tolerate extreme temperatures well, it can be dangerous for them to be outside. This breed struggles to regulate its body temperature, so it is best suited to indoor living.


Dog Breeds That Won't Mind Small Apartments


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This toy-sized bunch of fur gets along with almost everyone. This tiny breed is a lapdog but also a sporting breed. They are best kept on leashes when walking.

Their docile nature makes them perfect for apartment living. Dogs of this breed are not often aggressive toward other animals or people.

This fluffy pup makes the perfect companion for those with young kids. These all-around dogs can be sports superstars or couch potatoes alike.


Great Dane

These gentle giants are attached to the couch, perfect for indoor dogs. Although they are massive dogs, they are docile dogs who do not need much space to roam.

This breed is amiable and will need a walk around the block to get in their exercise. Great Danes are typically low-energy pooches and are easily trainable. These giant pups may be low energy but still, need toys to keep them occupied.

Great Danes are social creatures by nature. Visits to the dog park will keep them socialized and happy. This breed is well known for its protective nature, especially around children.



Greyhounds are known for how placid they are. They enjoy a sedentary lifestyle and do not need plenty of space.

This breed is highly adaptable and easily trainable; adapting to living in an apartment is a breeze for these medium-sized dogs.

Although they were initially bred for racing, Greyhounds prefer a relaxed environment.


American Staffordshire Terrier

The Staffie breed is known for its friendliness. Dogs of this particular breed are extremely intelligent, easy to train and form profound relationships with their owners.

Making sure your terrier gets adequate exercise will keep it happy in an apartment. They will generally need about 30 minutes of exercise daily. Apart from that, they are calm and adaptable.


Basset Hound

Their size makes Basset Hounds ideal for medium to small apartment living. This lovable breed enjoys cuddling and is all around a calm pup.

These dogs’ high average level of intelligence makes them particularly easy to train, as it is a necessity for apartment dogs. Keeping plenty of toys and treats within easy reach will make them a pleasure to be around.

They are also incredibly well-known for their floppy ears and droopy eyes and are incredibly low-energy dogs. These hounds enjoy lazy days with their owners.


Dog Breeds That Won't Mind Small Apartments


This breed is otherwise known as the sausage dog; this breed is the perfect apartment dog. While they might need minimal exercise at first because of their tiny legs, the beginning stages of training can be difficult.

This small breed provides excellent companionship and is very charming. Dachshunds tend to believe they are much bigger than their small size.

They are a fiercely loyal breed, although they can be stubborn. These dogs will need daily exercise and occasional socializing.


French Bulldog

These loud snorers are lovable first and foremost. They will enjoy living in close quarters with their owners.

Frenchies do require a lot of attention but don’t often bark for no reason. This adorable breed can sleep up to 14 hours per day and only need a small amount of physical activity.


Boston Terrier

Overly attached to their owners, this breed needs lovely long walks daily. They will need a lot of attention from their owners and are great cuddlers. This breed enjoys the indoors and doesn’t mind small spaces. They are easily trainable pups and will aim to please their owners.

They will need plenty of toys while you are not around but will be content to relax on the couch after their daily exercise. These gorgeous pups will often get “zoomies” late at night to rid themselves of any excess energy.

With the proper training and exercise, your pooch will be happy living in an apartment. Daily walks, toys, and attention from you will keep your furbaby content.

Training is essential for any dog but even more so when living in an apartment. The best way to get your pooch on the right track is to find a good puppy school.


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