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Top 10 Lighting Trends in 2023 – Brilliant & Dazzling Designs

I am excited for lighting trends in 2023.

New technologies and approaches are emerging that have the potential to revolutionize the way we light our homes and workplaces. In addition, new controls and sensors are being developed that can help us to better manage our lighting systems and create more comfortable and efficient lighting environments.

It’s all happening in lighting and the light trends of 2023 do not disappoint.



Here are the top 10 for lighting trends in 2023


1) LED lighting

This will continue to grow in popularity due to its energy efficiency and long lifespan.

LED’s use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and can last for up to 50,000 hours. This makes them a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly option for lighting.

LED’s also tend to be more durable than traditional light bulbs, which means that they are less likely to break if they are dropped or hit. This can help to reduce the risk of accidents, both inside and outside your home.


2) Smart lighting systems

Smart lighting systems will become more prevalent as homeowners seek to automate their homes.

For example, if a room is unoccupied, the lights can be turned off automatically. Or, if someone is in a room and moving around, the lights can be turned on to provide better visibility.

Smart lighting systems can also be controlled remotely, so you can turn the lights on or off from anywhere. This can be especially convenient if you forget to turn the lights off before leaving home.


3) Arty Lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures are becoming more and more artful and sculptural in design.

This is due to the increasing popularity of minimalism and the use of clean lines and simple shapes in home decor. Lighting fixtures that are ‘designed’ can add a touch of elegance to any room, and they are also more functional than ever before.

Today’s lighting fixtures are designed to provide better illumination while using less energy.


4) Pendant lights will be a popular choice for both function and style.

Pendant lights can be used to provide task lighting, ambient lighting, or accent lighting. They are available in a variety of styles, including traditional, contemporary, and industrial.

Pendant lights are typically made from glass, metal, or plastic and can be found in a variety of colors and finishes. 2023 will see pendant lights hit the mainstream and become BIG news.

Clear ones like the ones below are my personal favourites.


Lighting Trends in 2023


5) Recessed Lighting Trends in 2023

Recessed lighting will be used more sparingly to create a more subtle light over the coming year.

Increased use of recessed lighting trends in 2023 will help to create more relaxing atmospheres in our rooms. Additionally, it will help to reduce the amount of light pollution that is created. Recessed lighting can also help reduce the amount of glare in a room.

If you are considering adding recessed lighting to your home, you may want to consider installing some in your kitchen. If you have a lot of cabinets and other kitchen appliances, you may want to consider installing this  above them.

It  is a great way to add a little bit of flair to your home.



6) Track lighting trends in 2023

Track lighting is a type of lighting that is used to highlight specific areas or objects.

This type of lighting is often used in retail settings to highlight merchandise, or in art galleries to highlight paintings or sculptures. Track lighting consists of a series of light fixtures that are mounted on a track. The track is typically mounted to the ceiling, and the light fixtures can be positioned along the track to provide the desired lighting effect.

Lighting trends in 2023 will see track lighting used in the home more often, as it is a versatile and stylish way to provide accent lighting.

And it looks super cool too, especially if the industrial look is your thing.


Lighting Trends in 2023


7) Under-cabinet lighting

Under cabinet lighting will be used to create a more inviting kitchen space.

Under-cabinet lighting adds a warm, welcoming glow to kitchens, making them feel more homely. It also helps to create a more functional space, as it provides better lighting for tasks such as cooking and food preparation.

Under-cabinet lighting can be found in a variety of styles to match any kitchen design, and can be installed easily.


8) Outdoor Lighting  Trends in 2023

Lighting trends in 2023 will see outdoor lighting take centre stage to create more attractive outdoor spaces.

Outdoor lighting can transform your outdoor living space into an inviting and enjoyable area. By carefully selecting the right lights and placement, you can create a space that is both functional and stylish. LED lights are a great option for outdoor lighting as they are energy-efficient and have a long lifespan. Solar-powered lights are another great option as they are environmentally-friendly and easy to fit.

When placing these lights, be sure to consider the needs of your space. For example, if you are looking to create a more romantic atmosphere, string lights or lanterns would be a great option. If you are looking to light up a pathway or garden, path lights or accent lights would be a better option.


if you head on over to Lights4fun you will see so many wonderful outdoor garden light ideas you will be absolutely spoilt for choice. 


Lighting Trends in 2023


9) Spa lighting Trends in 2023

The pool and spa lighting market is expected to grow significantly in the next few years, with new products and technologies becoming available to consumers. Lighting Trends in 2023 HAD to include them. Do you have even one friend who has not hired a hot tub in recent years. Nope me neither. 

Pool and spa lighting can be used creatively to make your backyard oasis even more inviting. By playing with different light fixtures and bulbs, you can create a unique and relaxing atmosphere for your friends and family to enjoy. Soft, diffused light is often used in spas and is known to have a calming effect on people.

By using this type of lighting in your pool and spa area, you can create a more relaxing and inviting space –  a key concern when it comes to lighting trends in 2023.



10) Solar-powered lighting trends in 2023

Solar-powered lights are becoming increasingly popular as people look for more sustainable options. Solar-powered lights are very efficient and do not use any fossil fuels or other non-renewable resources.

2023 will see us all do our bit to protect our fragile environment.



Final thoughts on the recend trends in lighting

In conclusion, lighting trends in 2023 looks to be a great year for lighting in the home. With newer and better technologies, there will be more options for consumers to choose from.



Lighting Trends in 2023 – over to you 

What do you think of lighting trends in 2023? I think they really are very cool and all of these ideas float my boat in some way.

Check Pinterest for even more up and coming Lighting Trends!


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