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Tips and tricks interior designers use to make your home look stunning

tips and tricks interior designers use


tips and tricks interior designers use



Tips and tricks interior designers use

How do interior designers make your home look like it’s straight out of a magazine? With the right skills and know-how, they’re able to transform your space into the stylish paradise you’ve always wanted. Interior designers have many tips and tricks they use to make your home look stunning. Three of these top tips – discussed below – show how designers collect styles, use colour schemes, and prioritise balance when designing interiors for their clients.


Collecting Styles

One thing interior designers do that most of us don’t is immerse themselves completely in design. It’s their profession after all! Designers spend time looking for inspiration and collecting styles from everywhere – restaurants, hotels, bars, shops, etc. They also read trade publications, read the latest news, or listen to the latest media in interior design. They note what works and what doesn’t and they’re able to identify trends. When it comes time to design an interior for you, their client, they’re armed with a wealth of background knowledge and ideas they can apply.

The best interior designers are able to aid their clients in determining their style. By consulting with you, they can help you figure out what you like and, more importantly, what you don’t like. Designers might look at your personal clothing style, other rooms in your house, or ask you questions about your favourite interiors to get a sense of what you like. Because it’s their job to pay attention to design inspirations everywhere, they’ll have plenty of ideas to help get your creativity flowing.

How does an arsenal of design ideas make your home stunning? Interior designers will know how to deliver results suited to your tastes. Not only will they create a space that fits you perfectly but they’ll also look for the best pieces, materials, and colours. Good designers will know from where to source the furniture or accent features they’re after, to truly make their vision – and yours – come alive.



Choosing a Colour Scheme – tips and tricks interior designers use

Pick Colours from Your Design Inspirations – Another tip interior designers use has to do with colour. Colour is the most important part of any design and will, along with texture, set the tone for an entire interior. Designers, therefore, choose colours carefully. Having drawn upon their collection of design styles to find one that fits your home, colour schemes might be already evident. If you like the warm, inviting atmosphere of your local coffee shop and want to recreate something similar in your kitchen, then rich, earthy hues would seem an obvious choice.


Stick to Three Colours – When it comes to colour, designers will often incorporate no more than three. Any more and the space feels too busy and overwhelming. Any less, and your interior will feel hollow. The typical rule is one colour for walls, one for furniture, and another for small accent pieces like pillows. A three-colour space doesn’t mean you should have three bold colours like brown, teal, and tangerine. Sometimes, a more muted colour palette, like three shades of white or grey are more preferable for your style.


Sample Colours Before Committing – Another colour trick interior designers use is sampling colours before buying them. This applies primarily to wall colour, but it can be the same if you’re looking to reupholster your furniture too. The paint chips at the store are a good start but they won’t give you an accurate sense of what the colour looks like on your wall. By painting a small section of your wall, you can see how the colour reacts to the light in your space at different times of day. Designers will often use this trick to help clients pick out paint colours.


Prioritising Balance

Balance is a key component to any interior design. In addition to a balanced colour palette, designers employ balance when selecting furniture. People have a tendency to choose the biggest sofas, tables, or chairs that can fit into their space. Most designers will caution against this, instead emphasising smaller furniture that fits appropriately in a room. Sectioning rooms off into zones with adequately-sized pieces is a common trick interior designers use to make a space more habitable.

Another tool for achieving balance is by starting from the ground up. Designers will start with a room’s flooring to help determine the style for the rest of the space. It doesn’t matter the flooring style you choose – hardwood, tile, stone, carpet, or area rug. It’s much easier to design the rest of the room around the flooring than around a sofa.


 Final Thoughts on Interiors Designers’ Tips and Tricks

By collecting design styles, carefully selecting colour schemes, and prioritising balance, interior designers are able to make your home look exceptional. As interior designers in St Albans, M&Y Interiors use these tricks, plus many more, to create elegant interiors for our clients throughout North London. When you work with skilled interior designers, you can have superb results.


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