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The Top 5 Things You Need in a Caravan Park

The top 5 things you need in a Caravan Park are always something I tick off when I am holiday planning

I love going on holiday here in the UK . I think we are blessed with the most beautiful and diverse of countries and it is such a special place to explore. 

In order to pack in the most on our holidays we often take advantage of more budget options and head away from the hotels and to the caravan and camping park. I would pick a caravan a million times over camping as I like my luxuries and do not appreciate sleeping on the floor. 

Having visited a fair few in my time I have drawn up a list of the top 5 things you need on a caravan park and I check these off before I ever book in our visits. 

Here is what is on my list.


The Top 5 Things You Need in a Caravan Park

The Top 5 Things You Need in a Caravan Park


Hot water

 Hot water sounds like such a basic doesn’t it but oh my goodness the caravan park needs to get it right. I cannot bear not being able to have a hot shower when I want one or having hot water to wash through my dishes. A caravan water heater needs to be reliable for a cosy and a comfortable vacation.  


Space -Things You Need in a Caravan Park

I don’t like it if we have no privacy around our caravan and are totally overlooked. It makes me feel self-conscious standing at the sink or sitting on the deck and I feel I have to tell the kids to constantly hush and turn the radio down.



Cleanliness is key to a good caravan park, no litter, clean communal areas  and well prepared and scrupulously clean interior and exteriors on the vans. 


The Top 5 Things You Need in a Caravan Park


Proximity to the Beach/Lake

I love to have a holiday where I do not have to drive so having a park close to he beach, lake , countryside we are wishing to explore is really a rather massive benefit.


Things You Need in a Caravan Park

A good shop

I don’t need a massive supermarket or anything like that on a caravan park but I really do need there o be a good shop that has all the basics so I can make a simple meal, wash up, do a laundry load etc. without having to head off site.

I also like it to stock those quirky little extras that can make a holiday amazing – like beach balls and a pack of playing cards, duck food and a box of dominoes, perhaps a crossword puzzle book and a local map.

Low key little things that absolutely make a caravan holiday special are what you require from a good caravan 


Caravan holidays are memory making, easy and relaxing juts make sure you have a brilliant caravan site lined up for you and you really will have the most perfect of holidays.


The Top 5 Things You Need in a Caravan Park is a collaborative post 

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