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The ultimate guide to packing for a cruise holiday.

Whether it’s your first cruise or your 100th, packing your suitcase is the most exciting if not most daunting part of getting prepared for your holiday. The beauty of cruises (aside from the obvious stunning vistas and awe-inspiring locations) is that they are all different, however, packing for them need not be an arduous affair with our ultimate guide. Rather than repeat the same packing routine you’ve always done, why not let this guide do the hard work for you so you can focus on the luxury that lies ahead?


The ultimate guide to packing for a cruise holiday.


The ultimate guide to packing for a cruise holiday.

Do not let your hand luggage let you down.

Maybe one of the most important pieces of luggage you will pack for your cruise is your hand luggage carry-on. In some instances, you may not have access to your cabin for a few hours after embarkment so making sure you have everything you need until then is key to starting your holiday off on the right note. We’re referring to the necessary items such as documentation and medication as well as phone chargers and possibly your swimwear if you want to take an early dip into one of your ship’s pools.

Fabulous formalwear

Nothing says luxury cruise like seeing everyone dressed to the nines and although most cruises will offer a variety of casual, informal and formal night-time dress codes, a dinner dress, or jacket, is an absolute must-pack item. Depending on the duration of your cruise there may be the need for more than one formal outfit so it is important to check ahead with your individual line, although it’s always nice to have a reason to go shopping.

Excursion, event, or taking it easy.

Cruising to destinations all over the world means the possibilities for spending your time are limitless. Packing with your specific shore excursions in mind can help save vital time and space. It may also be poignant to try and predict what your days at sea may look like; are you planning on doing a workout, grabbing a spa treatment or simply relaxing by the pool? Regardless of the itinerary, planning your outfits in advance means little chance of forgetting anything and every chance of being the envy of all on board.

The marvellous miscellaneous

These are just a few items that you may not have thought of that could make your cruise that little bit more enjoyable. Towel clips to counteract the sea breeze both on board and on the shore. Earplugs for light sleepers who may not find the sounds of the sea as relaxing as others. And waterproof bags to protect your valuables whether it be by the pool, on a rainy day or exploring a port of call.

Put it into practice.

Now you have been equipped with the guidance needed to pack like an expert it’s time for your next cruise. Sail in splendour with Silversea cruises and receive exceptional service on one of their small, stylish ships that can navigate to the hard-to-reach, harder-to-forget destinations. This all-inclusive experience, complete with in-suite butlers, is sure to steal your soul at sea.

And there you have it – the ultimate guide to packing for a cruise holiday!


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