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Uses for a Good Quality Plastic Box

Today – Uses for a good quality plastic box


Not all boxes are created equal

A new year always unleashes in me the need to be organised and have a good old declutter. It’s a time for new plastic boxes and a few hours set aside to get sorted  with my storage and get rid of my rubbish.

Oh, plastic boxes are not all the same. Indeed they are not. There is huge value in a  great plastic box.

I have had boxes that have cracked, split collapsed in the past and just not done their job. And sometimes their job is very important indeed. I use plastic boxes to store items in our loft, sometimes winter clothes and sometimes extra towels. These don’t matter too much as they can be replaced but I would hate for them to be ruined.

More importantly though  I use them for much more precious items like the children’s treasures, old photographs, letters I want to cherish forever. I also use plastic boxes to store stick form my emotionally healthy kids shop, story maki9ng shapes, mandala colouring books and friendship cards. This stock is valuable and it would be terrible if it wasn’t secure and protected.

Plastic boxes need to be good quality and fit for purpose.


A good quality plastic box

Have you heard of the plastic box shop ? It is a fantastic shop, packed to the rafters with every kind of plastic box you could imagine. The perfect way to store and organise your possessions and create some order in your home.

We recently reviewed a pack of 3 wham bam boxes (£49 per 3 62l)

Now, these are fantastic quality and Wham Bam boxes are particularly strong and durable…

They are made from much stronger than average plastic and as they are available in a variety of colours they do not look out of place either in an office or a play room.  Also great for transporting items, they have a hole at either end of the box so that a zip tie can be placed through them to avoid tampering with the contents of the box. 


a good quality plastic box


Really these boxes can withstand pretty much anything….not that I am going to be trying this with ours!



car box

The many uses for a good quality plastic box

I have used our boxes to store crafts projects and school reports , photographs and  school books, absolutely precious items I want to keep in great shape and not get bashed or ruined. I want them to be safe for many many years to come.

It feels really good to have them safely stored away.

You can follow the plastic box shop on twitter @PLASTICBOXSHOP They really do have a plastic box for every situation and occasion.

Time to get storage sorted and make way for a decluttered and organised new year.


More storage ideas

Next on my list is tackling my jewellery storage




plastic boxes


I hope you ahve found this post on the uses of a a good quality plastic box to be useful you might also like my post on storage secrets to transform a home

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  1. sodakiwi
    April 12, 2017 / 7:15 am

    Really these boxes can withstand pretty much anything. Wow thas interesting

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