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The versatility of oak furniture

The versatility of Oak furniture is second to none and it has many fine qualities. Firstly it always looks beautiful even when it has aged. Secondly it is absolutely going to last the distance and this hard wearing wood is going to give you excellent value for money and a long life.


The versatility of oak furniture

Oak can have a reputation for being quite serious furniture that perhaps doesn’t have a place in a contemporary home. But actually oak can be very flexible and fit into lots of different room schemes. The versatility of oak furniture is often under-appreciated.  Let me show you a few ideas I have for using oak in modern room schemes.

I love this Elodie grey oak and pine bookcase


oak bcase
It looks so solid and classic doesn’t it and such a lovely colour.


I also rather love this New England dressing table

dressing table

and it doesn’t have to fit into a rustic scene

Oak really is a versatile wood and a wood of quality too. I think the fact it works in so many different rooms means it is furniture that you can move around and adapt to room changes, which really does make a good investment.


The bookcase and dresser shown are from Oak Furniture Company.  


The versatility of oak furniture is a Collaborative post – you might also like my post on the benefits of using natural oak



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