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The Wondrous World of French Kitchens

We all know what the French do best… No, not kissing but cooking. With their expertise in herbs, cheese and bread, the French have contributed many famous dishes from Soupe à L’oignon on a cold afternoon to Confit de canard and obviously crème brûlée for dessert. So where does all this magic take place? In the kitchen, of course.

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If you are looking for some inspiration to master the culinary art of Bouillabaisse, a French style-inspired kitchen might just do the trick. French kitchens are usually a combination of charm, elegance, sophistication and cosiness, typically executed with creams and whites to give a touch of luxury.

1. The Elegant French Inspired Kitchen

This kitchen gives off a great sense of warmth and class with its combination of materials and textures. The island has a country feel to it while the weathered and distressed cabinetry along with the brick wall adds natural textures.


2. French Cottage Kitchen

A kitchen that is inspired by a French country cottage works perfectly with this two-toned antique French style dining table. In your kitchen, you’ll want to incorporate a pastel or rich colour palette to balance out the neutral bases of white and cream.


3. Luxurious French Inspired Kitchen

This luxury table adds a touch of luxury and class to your French kitchen. Its white woodwork and beige fabric is perfectly elegant and simple when placed in a kitchen of whites, creams and marble. Add a bit of bling to the space with a crystal chandelier.

4. Classy French Style

The wooden beams in this particular French style kitchen give it a bold and intense sense of character. The beams also enhance the space by bringing a rustic and cottage charm. The combination of the granite and appliances gives this space a classy yet modern vibe. The flooring and mixture of browns and creams warm the space right up.


5. French Farmhouse Style Kitchen

This kitchen exudes the exact essence of a French farmhouse style. Between the wooden table and cabinetry along with the porcelain farm sink and antique French oven, you can just picture yourself relaxing in the French countryside.



French interior decorating puts emphasis on using natural woods and neutral colours. If you wish to add colour to your space, incorporate some fresh wild flowers and give your space a French country vibe. Take your pick of these designs to find one that best suits you and your preference.


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  1. Sarah christie
    November 9, 2015 / 8:58 pm

    I was trying to choose a favourite throughout but I loved them all x

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