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Things Every Couple Should Do Before Getting Married


Things every coupe should do before getting married – lets take a look  …

Things Every Couple Should Do Before Getting Married

If you and your partner are talking about marriage, or you both know you want things to go that way, you should make sure you both fully know what you’re going into. A marriage can last a lot longer if you and your partner know the important things before you get into it. Have no idea where to start? I’m giving you some important things every couple should do before getting married.


Talk about your future, for real

Talking about your future and your wishes in life are so so important to a lasting healthy relationship. Sit down and talk about your wishes for the future, whether it’s kids, living situations, jobs, or anything else. Kid san location can be two absolutely deal breaks so whatever else you do – do address these


Couple Should Do Before Getting Married

Travel together

Travelling together not only gives the two of you quality time to unwind and appreciate the other’s presence, but it can be a good lesson too. It helps you both know how the other handles stress and unfamiliar situations.


Money talk

Money is pertinent and can often make or break a long term relationship. You may not want to talk about retirement, or jobs, or affording things with your partner. But it’s important to get the conversation going and know what you both want.


Couple Should Do Before Getting Married

Take classes together

Taking lessons or classes together can create a bonding experience and help you both share something. Maybe you want to learn to dance for your big day or learn something new. Either way, you both can enjoy it together and share the memories for many years to come. PLus when things get tricky, complicated or stressful it is really good to see how the other one copes.


Live together

The big step to living together can be incredibly stressful and scary, but it must be done. You need to live with your significant other long enough to know each other and their embarrassing or annoying habits long before marriage.

Or do you?

Current thinking would say this is a must do but in some cultures and religions, it would be definitely a no go. If its a no go for you do try and spend lots and lots of time together instead.


Meet each other’s close ones

Whether it’s friends or family you have to meet, you both should meet the other’s close ones. It helps to ease tension later in the relationship because of friends or family that don’t know you well. And let’s be honest when you marry – you don’t really marry one person and actually, you are marrying into a family and a friendship and community group too.


Don’t avoid fights

As much as you may want to keep the peace, fights are necessary to make the relationship work. You’re going to fight someday, and you need to learn how to make it through hard times and fighting together in a healthy way.


Learn how to be open with each other

It’s difficult to open up to your partner and be fully open about even the weird things, but it can help a lot in hard times and to bond with each other. You both need to know that you can trust each other no matter what. You need to know you can love and accept all aspects of each other so it really is not worth keeping anything hidden.


Know their values

Know your partner through and through, even their values and morals. It’s important to know what someone’s values are to make sure you truly can understand their moral compass. It’s also a good indicator of if your partner is a good person to be around.


Over to you – Things Every Couple Should Do Before Getting Married

Have you and your loved one been through some of these? Then you’re on to a good start in the marriage direction. Remember, you both want this marriage to last and be a good fit for your future so it’s important to get these things started now. Best of luck to both of you and I hope things work well!

I am writing this list with hindsight – what about you. Is there anything you would add or that you have considered that I have missed her? Let me know what you think about this list in the comments.


I do hope you have enjoyed my post on Things Every Couple Should Do Before Getting Married.


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