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4 Things You Should Never Do With a Luxury Watch

Everybody wants to own a luxury watch, but not everyone understands what owning one demands of them. If you’ve just gotten one for yourself, chances are you’re definitely feeling the need to show it off. Now, there’s nothing wrong with showing off your wristwatch, but you should do so with caution.

There are some things that you just don’t do with a luxury watch if you want it to last long. In this post, you’ll discover four things you should never do with your luxury watch. Ready? Let’s go!



Photographer: Bence Balla-Schottner


1.  Swimming

Now, you might argue, “My luxury watch is waterproof… I checked.” Well, good for you, most luxury watches are. For example, if you find an overview of Breitling models, go through it. You’ll discover that lots of these luxury watches have waterproofing as a feature.

However, did you know that watches usually have different grades of waterproof levels? So even if your watch is waterproof, that proofing will only be viable until a certain level. No matter how careful you are to keep your arm from the depths, there’s always the possibility you’ll slip up. Once this happens, your luxury watch is going for a drink … literally.

There’s also the fact that swimming pools contain chlorine and other chemicals that can cause damage to your watch. So, waterproof feature or not, keep your luxury watches away from water just to be safe.


2.  Clean with Chemicals

Over time, the dirt on your watch can build up and cause discoloration. When you want to wipe it off, the one thing you should never do is clean it with chemicals.

The TV advert may say a chemical agent is suitable for cleaning all surfaces, but where your luxury watch is concerned, bin that. These chemicals can cause damage to your watch’s coating, sealing, and even the finish, and as a result, your watch will fade faster. It could even fall apart one day if the seals are sufficiently weak.

If you have to clean your luxury watch, do so with a clean, dry cloth. If your watch is waterproof, you could dampen the cloth a bit with water. However, always make sure the cloth you’re using is non-abrasive. This is to ensure it won’t leave scratches on the face of your watch.


3.  Adjust at The Wrong Time

Did you know that there’s a wrong time to adjust your watch? This might sound ridiculous, but it’s actually very true, especially if your watch has a date or moon phase function. If you have a watch with these functions and you adjust it between 9 pm and 3 am, you risk seriously damaging it.

That’s because it’s between these times that the mechanical gear of your watch engages to keep accurate track of time. If you try to adjust the time during this period, you’ll likely damage the gears. Usually, all the information you need on the safe times to change your watch’s time is in the manual. So, make sure you check it and be sure the coast is clear before going ahead.


4.  DeeJaying

Here’s another amusing but not-so-funny entry. You might wonder, “What’s so bad about deejaying while I have my luxury watch on?” The answer: magnets. Deejaying inevitably involves being in proximity to numerous speakers, and those speakers contain magnets.

Putting a watch near magnets is always a bad move. This is because the magnetic field they create will alter your watch’s functionality. They could cause the watch to speed up, slow down, or even stop working together.



Luxury watches are the ultimate wrist accessory, and that’s why they’re so premium. Because of this, if you own one, it’s important to take very good care of it. There are several other tips about luxury watch care, but the points above are good enough for starters.



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