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Things to Do After You Turn 50

Things to Do After You Turn 50 – lets take a look.

Congratulations on turning 50! What an exciting decade you’re entering into. A milestone birthday is a great time to look back on what you’ve achieved and also ask yourself what you want to do next. If you’ve been struggling to create your birthday bucket list, you’re in the right place. Here are some fabulous things you can try now that you’ve turned 50.


Travel in Style  

You’ve been working hard for so much of your life, so why not take some time off and get travelling? You don’t have to worry about backpacking and bunk beds in hostels. You can travel in style and see the world comfortably. Whether you’ve always wanted to go whale watching in Iceland or take the ultimate Grand Canyon road trip – create a bucket list of places you’ve always wanted to see. Then start booking the trips for yourself. There are lots of adventure holiday ideas you can get inspired by.


Things to Do After You Turn 50


Sort Your Finances

There are definitely some financial perks to turning 50. They may not be the glamorous ideas you’ll find on this list, but they are practical for helping you in this next chapter of your life. For instance, now that you’re 50 you qualify for free financial advice from Age UK life insurance. Fast forward a few years, and once you have reached 55 you will be eligible for an equity release from your home. This frees up funds from your home and allows you to spend money on other things.



Learn a New Skill

You are never too old to stop learning. So why not learn a new skill? It could be taking part in a training course at work, learning a new language, or picking up a hobby. Learning something new can lead to a new lease of life. It could help take your career in a different direction or perhaps lead you to a new club and a group of friends. You won’t regret spending time and energy on improving yourself.


Things to Do After You Turn 50


Past Reflections

Even though it’s great to focus on the future and everything you still want to achieve, there is something to be said for taking stock of the past. Take some time to reflect on your life’s journey so far and ask yourself if there’s anything you’d like to revisit. Are there friends you fell out of touch with, that you’d like to reach out to? Places from your childhood you’re longing to see again? It might feel like taking a step back, but it could help move you forward.


Turning 50 is a big birthday. You’re entering a new phase of your life and it’s a perfect opportunity for you to start trying new things. What would you like to do now that you’ve turned 50?

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