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5 Useful Things to Know Before Travelling to Spain

Things to Know Before Travelling to Spain – all you need to know

Spain is known across the world for its charm, culture and coastlines. It’s a compelling country that draws in millions of visitors a year. From foodies to history buffs, Spain has something to offer everyone. It is such a welcoming and wonderful place to visit. If you’re planning a holiday there, here are some things to know before you start travelling.


Things to Know Before Travelling to Spain


Local Life

If you’re the kind of traveller who hates looking like a tourist, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with elements of local life. You could learn a few key Spanish phrases, such as greetings and how to say thank you. Though it should be noted that Spanish is not the only language of the country.

Locals will be happy to speak to you and offer help if you need it. Don’t expect everyone to be napping during the afternoon. The siesta is becoming a thing of the past. Businesses shut between 2 and 4 but this does mean that everyone is sleeping. Particularly in the major cities.


Things to Know Before Travelling to Spain – Gift Culture

To get a true taste of local life, you could look into staying with a family. They can give you an insight into the area that no guidebook can. There are lots of different websites which help you find family accommodation. Popular options are Airbnb, Couch Surfer and Home Stay.

In Spain, it’s custom to present a gift to the host when you’re staying in their home. Or, if it’s a business trip, gifts are provided when the deal is done. So you can always send your parcel to Spain at a later date to show your appreciation.


Things to Know Before Travelling to Spain


City Hacks

If you’re travelling to one of Spain’s major cities there are a few things you should know before you arrive. There is excellent public transport in Spain so you should make the most of it as it will make for a much more authentic city break. Also, you can drink the tap water so don’t waste money on bottled water. Speaking of money, pickpockets can be a problem in big Spanish cities. Be alert and protect your valuables while you’re out and about exploring.


Things to Know Before Travelling to Spain


Dining Out – Things to Know Before Travelling to Spain

Food plays an integral part in Spanish life. You have to sample the local cuisine as part of your visit. Though be aware that people in Spain eat late. You’ll need to eat at different times than what you’re used to. Some restaurants don’t open till 8:30pm. Tipping is not required, but if you’ve enjoyed your service, you could leave some change to show your appreciation.

Spain is a gorgeous country, with fabulous food and lovely locals. Being aware of the country’s culture is important before you go. Where in Spain would you like to visit the most?


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