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Thinking of Moving Abroad? Why Singapore is a Great Option to Consider

A move abroad is not something you decide without careful deliberation. Spontaneity is great, but not in this context, and moving to a brand-new country requires at least a basic amount of planning to avoid disasters. Singapore is one of the safest, most appealing countries, and that is why this guide centers around all the reasons why it is an attractive prospect for any grand relocation adventure.


Thinking of Moving Abroad


Great for Working Professionals

Singapore is well-known for its strong ties to the world of business. There is infrastructure all over the city and an abundance of professional opportunities, which makes it a hub for expertise and job hunters alike. Given the low population figures, there is a consistent need for new workers coming into the country to fill positions, and salaries in professional roles tend to be higher than expected too.

Plenty of Residential Options

Housing is also a strong market in Singapore, though the rental market is somewhat expensive comparatively, especially the closer to the main city you get. If you are staying there for a set time period, it makes more sense to take a rental contract; however, a permanent move is more in sync with a property purchase. There are HBD options (government-owned) and private property too, so there is a great selection. For guidance or support with mortgage rates Singapore, use this helpful tool from Property Guru. This company’s website is filled with useful tools, guides, and straightforward advice that cover all bases.

Political Stability

Singapore is an extremely safe country and part of this is owing to its privileged political stability. Their economy has held up in recent decades, especially when held against other countries that are in decline and struggling to proceed. There are also minimal corruption rates among politicians, which is a rare find more and more.

Low Crime

The population is small and there is a high concentration of professionals. These reasons, paired with the political model, have resulted in a reasonably low crime rate. Alongside this, there is an absolute no tolerance policy when it comes to the distribution and use of illegal drugs, and given the harsh sentences and punitive consequences, there is a limited drug culture. Singapore has even been voted as one of the most secure places to live globally, so that may give you a clearer picture of what it has to offer its citizens. The judicial system is generally regarded as fair and upfront alongside an active and reliable police community.

Landscape Diversity

The business epicenter is a thing of wonder with various skyscrapers that have taken many a breath away. Yet, these are not the whole package. Singapore also has a lot of green space to be explored and scenic ventures too. It has lots of major parks and nature spots which balances out the urban vibe nicely.

High-Class Education System

The state of an education system can be a major deterrent for families looking to move to another country. Education is a vital part of a child’s well-being, skill growth, and cultural experience, so it has to be the right fit. Singapore offers a well-funded, comprehensive educative experience with excellent teaching staff and a thought-out curriculum too. It is also great for higher education such as university courses. The only downside to this point is that education can be an expensive thing, especially for foreign residents coming into the country.

The Climate

This is a warm country. There are long spells of rainy seasons, but primarily everything is warm and slightly humid. The sun shines, and temperatures rarely drop below 23 degrees Celsius so if you are looking for somewhere to hide from the cold spells, this is a good choice.

Noteworthy Transport Infrastructure

Apart from the slightly perilous system they have for bikes, (largely found on the pavements weaving in and out of pedestrians), Singapore has solid transport works. Car ownership is discouraged with deterrent based policies in place targeting insurance prices (very high), taxes, and even parking which is charged at a premium rate. You have to have a lot of disposable income to afford the luxury of a car; however, this is offset by the incredible public transport options which reach all over the country and do not cost too much at all. Even taxis are inexpensive and in good supply.

All in all, Singapore is a country filled with benefits and innovative advancements. There are plenty of houses, jobs, and an outstanding public transport system supported by a low crime rate and strong political representatives. The country has a sterling profile overall, and that is why many people opt to move here.

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    Awesome, thanks for sharing about Singapore! It’s been my home as long as I’ve been born and indeed, Singapore is a fantastic place! ๐Ÿ™‚

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