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Thinking of you week

This week is Thinking of you week


and the idea behind it is that we let people we care about know that we are thinking of them by sending a card  each day of the week to someone we love.



Thinking of you week

One of my favourite things in the whole world is receiving mail, and receiving unexpected mail from someone you love just because they are thinking of you…well that’s really special isn’t it!

Moonpig sent me a collection of their lovely cards to do just that with and oh they have been so lovely to write.

I could think of so many lovely people I wanted to let know I was thinking of them!

I have a friend whose son who has just started uni and who I keep thinking of ( I just cant imagine!)


I have a another friend who lives really far away who I just wanted to say hello to


L my old university friend I just like to check in on an every now and again and let her know I care


and another friend (who I adore ) I was late for her birthday but so didn’t want her to feel forgotten because I love her!



It is so important to let those we love know we love them, isn’t it?Aren’t these cards from Moonpig lovely and what a thoughtful campaign.You really cannot beat a bit of snail mail and a lot of love!

Who  are you thinking of this week?



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