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This Old Thing – falling in love with vintage clothes

I have always written about being thrifty, indeed on my other blogs baby budgeting, thrifty home and family budgeting I write only about being thrifty. It is in my nature not to waste things, to recycle them to keep things simple. I am a hippy at heart!

I do however love beautiful things (hence this blogs title) and I love fashion. I occasionally but second hand outfits (without much enthusiasm but usually I go for cheap and new highstreet or save up for something I really want. My latest buy which I saved  an age for are these silver plimsolls from The White Company. Aren’t they lovely?

Anwtyway i digress. This post was inspired by a new show on TV starring Dawn O’porter called This Old Thing.

The show is all about encouraging high street addicts to embrace shopping vintage. It’s a fab show and Dawn shows how clothes can be altered and updated if required or just enjoyed as they are in their vintage splendour.

She explains that investing in vintage means you are buying a well made piece that will last not throwaway fashion whose trends change all the time. She sees vintage as anything form the 80’s backwards though others disagree and see the 70’s as a starting point.

I don’t have any experience of shopping vintage but I thought I would give it a go.

I headed into Hockley and arty area of Nottingham where quirky cafes mingles with alternative and second hand vintage  clothing shops.

I found a gorgous preloved shop called White Rose


 oh and the treasures it held…




Just as funky as my silver shoes right and much cheaper too.

Totally inspired by this trip I have scouted preloved and charity shops closer to home and found these beauties recently too


and this (my favourite)


Prics ranged form £5 to about £40 for the above items but aren’t they all gorgeous.

Dawn’s top tips for shopping vintage are…

Look around for ages

Keep an open mind about what suits you

Consider if alterations could be made

Be brave!

Try it on even if you aren’t quite sure

Have you shopped vintage? I think it is great fun!


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 I thought telling your story / my story was a sweeter way to sign off for a bit.


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Hey, It’s all getting a bit busy around here so I’m going to be off air for a while.

I think an extended break is probably a good idea anyway … xxx

top tips for vinatge clothes shopping


  1. July 19, 2014 / 5:42 am

    You need to find my friend Emma in Lancashire. She has an online vintage shop! And quite often tweets pics of the latest things. I love her stuff.

    And you are right. Vintage is so much better than the almost disposable £5 dress from a high street. It might be a fiver but the quality and cut are generally dire. Vintage has a way of making you feel amazing, as well as look it. And comes with a tail to tell that I love.

  2. Sonya Cisco
    July 18, 2014 / 9:11 pm

    I adore Vintage clothes and have a few 1950s dresses (which sadly don’t currently fit but I am sure they will again one day!) and I can while away hours browsing in vintage shops. I love ebay for that too, when my OH is watching something dull on the telly I can while away the hours having a virtual shop!

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