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This or That? IPL Laser Hair Removal vs. Shaving

Shaving is a very easy-to-go hair removal method and it is one of the most common traditional hair removal methods. Shaving leaves your skin hair-free and smooth in just a few minutes and additionally, it does not cause any pain.

On the other hand, some other conventional methods are painful and uncomfortable therefore advancement in the field of beauty and spas has led to the invention of light energy for hair removal. One is laser hair removal that is carried out in professional settings such as clinics and saloons and the other is IPL.


IPL Laser Hair Removal vs. Shaving


What is IPL:

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and it is one of the most effective methods of hair removal. Many of you cannot make regular trips to beauty saloons to get rid of unwanted clumsy-looking hairs therefore IPL hair removal is the best option for you.

IPL hair removal therapy is done at home with IPL devices and therefore various top brands of the fashion industry have launched IPL devices. If you want to see IPL devices and want to purchase them, then click it.

How IPL Works to Remove Hairs:

The main difference between IPL and other traditional hair removal methods is that IPL removes hairs permanently and other methods remove hairs temporarily. Do you wonder how IPL can remove hairs permanently?

Let us tell you, the IPL device head emits intense light that when falls on an area of hair removal, is absorbed into the skin through hair follicles. Hair follicles have colour pigment melanin and when light reaches hair follicles, it is converted into heat.

Heat damages melanin pigment in hair roots thus making them burnt out. When hair roots are damaged, hair can not grow normally. Its growth is either stopped or slowed down. The continuous sessions of IPL hair removal therapy permanently damage hair roots and hairs are permanently removed.

Benefits of IPL Hair Removal Therapy:

Being the most common and most popular hair removal therapy, IPL has the following key features:

  • You can do IPL at home with any IPL device at any time.
  • After IPL you don’t need any downtime, you just need to apply sunscreen before going outside.
  • IPL may rarely cause skin damage, irritation, or burns.
  • You can complete the whole therapy in very little time.
  • You can see visible hair reduction after a couple of sessions and that is a great achievement.
  • IPL hair removal results are much longer as compared to all conventional methods.
  • IPL therapy helps you to remove hairs permanently from all parts of the body.

Disadvantages of IPL Therapy:

Although the benefits outweigh the downsides of IPL hair therapy it still has some advantages and they are as follows:

  • It is less effective and fast as compared to Laser hair therapy.
  • It takes a handsome amount to purchase an IPL device for IPL hair removal therapy at home.
  • IPL devices are effective for a limited range of hair colours and skin colours.

Shaving for Hair Removal:

Compared to IPL shaving is a very easy and quick way to remove hairs from any part of the body including the face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini, and back. Shaving does not require any special skill or expertise because it is a very simple way to get rid of unwanted hair.

How Shaving Works to Remove Hairs:

For shaving, you need a very cheap and easily available shaving device called a razor. You can also do shaving with an electric shaver that is also easily available and costs much less than an IPL device.

The razor has an in-built razor that is sharp enough to trim or cut hairs from the skin. You just need to put the razor in an inclined position on the skin while holding the skin taut. It will remove hairs from the skin only and has nothing to do with hair roots therefore hairs re-grow in 1-3 days.

Potential Features of Shaving:

  • Shaving is cheap to many folds as compared to IPL.
  • It is a very easy procedure and is comfortable.
  • It does not cause burns, skin rash, or irritation if done carefully.
  • It takes very little time as compared to IPL.

Disadvantages of Shaving:

Although shaving is a very quick and easy method for hair removal there are the following downsides of IPL;

  • The most obvious disadvantage of shaving is the shortest result duration because hairs are cut and they grow again in 2-3 days.
  • Regular shaving of certain areas of the body may develop thick and darker hairs that look very clumsy.
  • It is a very temporary hair removal solution.
  • If you don’t take care during hair removal, it may lead to cuts and bruises.

On a final note, shaving is a simple, quick, and cheap method for hair removal but it is temporary. IPL is not as cheap and easy as shaving but it gives a permanent solution to hair removal if continuous sessions are done for longer periods.

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