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Thoughtful gift ideas friends and family will love

Thoughtful gift ideas friends and family will love – let’s take a look at some great options.

When a friend or a family member has a birthday or a celebration coming up, it often evokes two different emotions. You’re happy that they’re approaching a celebration that places them in the spotlight, yet you’re also completely overwhelmed at the idea of finding them the right gift! It’s been a tough year for everyone, so it’s only right that you make a little extra effort to show your love and appreciation for your friend or family member.

Thankfully, you don’t have to break the bank to put together the perfect gift. If you’re struggling for inspiration, check out these thoughtful gift ideas that your friends and family will love.


A gift with health and wellbeing in mind

If your loved one is always putting others first, then why not spoil them with something that makes them a priority for a change? We’re all conscious of our health right now, so putting together a gift of multiple health-related items will encourage them to look after themselves even when their celebration is over.

Put together a basket of health-related goodies including:

–          A silk face mask,

–          Luxury hand sanitiser infused with essential oils – check out this Purdy & Figg natural hand sanitiser sprays

–          Hand cream to moisturise their hands

–          A hot water bottle

–          Bath salts or stress-relieving bath oils

–          A set of new PJs

–          A heated blanket

–          A scented oils diffuser

or how about taking a look at these super cute and snuggly adult onesie pajamas


All of these treats will help them relax, unwind and put their health / comfort first.


Thoughtful gift ideas friends and family will love

Thoughtful gift ideas friends and family will love


Mental health and self-care

We all need to make our mental health a priority, so why not help your loved ones embrace and focus on their personal wellbeing? Whether they suffer from anxiety, are struggling with lockdown and its restrictions, are persistently stressed or have a high-pressure role, spoiling them with mental health and self-care themed gifts will inspire them to manage their mental health.

–          A wellbeing journal, where they can write down their daily thoughts

–          Self-help or uplifting books

–          A weighted blanket

–          Scented candles

–          Tickets (or online access) to mental health or wellbeing events

Don’t forget that spending time with friends and family is also a great gift! Thes gifts are so considered and so thoughtful they really will be well appreciated by your loved ones and they might also help them a great deal too with their mental helath and self care. 

Gorgeous gift ideas for those you love int these tricky times that we have had over the past year or so, we all need some TLC right now don’t we



Thoughtful gift ideas friends and family will love – Fitness

Many of us are emerging from lockdown with a completely new attitude to fitness. While gyms and health centres closed, many of us dedicated our free time to movement, exercise and enjoyed every minute. Whether your loved one has developed a love of jogging, weight training, or yoga and Pilates, why not help them embrace their healthier lifestyle further with some thoughtful gifts?

–          A smartwatch/fitness tracker so they track their progress in real-time

–          A new water bottle to keep them hydrated

–          Home gym equipment

–          New exercise wear

–          A new helmet for their bike

–          New headphones

–          A new foam roller to reduce their aches and pains


Thoughtful gift ideas friends and family will love


Final thoughts … Thoughtful gift ideas friends and family will love

Showing your loved ones how much you appreciate them doesn’t have to cost the earth! And spoiling your loved ones with something practical and something they’ll use will always be appreciated. If you’re struggling for gift inspiration, consider some of the suggestions above!



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