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Three Easy Autumn Days Out


It can be sad to feel the summer heat ebb away and the nights draw in. Yet in the United Kingdom, this can be one of the most enjoyable times to get out and about. The colours of foliage change, the weather can be more palatable, and you don’t have the crowds of the previous season. If you are looking to get outside this autumn, below are three activities you should try.


Visit a Racecourse

As the summer nights fade and chills enter the evening air, the British racing season carries on unabated. Some great festivals take place in the autumn months. September sees the start of the

St Ledger Festival and plenty of other courses have races well into November. The joy of them is that there is a real cosy feeling to meetings on slightly colder days, so you can wrap up in your coat, and gloves and hit the course.

Before you go, make sure you manage your budget well. Drinks and food can be pricey at courses, so separate this into two different amounts. Do some research before by getting your tips here.

BetUk has all the UK race meetings listed, along with helpful hints and form. That way, you will be prepared when you reach the course and can make an informed decision on your wager.

Hike in a National Park


There are 15 national parks in the United Kingdom, covering around 10% of the country’s surface. Three of these are in Wales, and two are in Scotland. Wherever you may be, a national park is never far away.

Autumn is often one of the most beautiful times to visit them. The leaves in the trees turn golden, heather takes on its purple hue and plant life starts to prepare for the winter. You also benefit from much cooler temperatures.

Prepare by ensuring you know the walks you are going on. All parks will have information centres and helpful staff to help you on your way. Pack food, drink and plenty of layers should the weather turn.

Finally, don’t be afraid to book accommodation and make a night of it. Some of the most exquisite hotels and restaurants are in the country’s national parks and are well welcome after a long day of hiking.

Go Boating

Just like hiking, boating is often more pleasurable in the cooler autumn months. There is also a wide range of ways to get onto Britain’s waterways. You don’t need to be an expert sailor to get started either.

One of the most enjoyable outings is renting a canal boat. You can travel at a leisurely pace, learn how to use the locks, and moor whenever you want to visit the pubs and cafes you spot on land. The beauty of a canal boat is that your accommodation is included, so you can bed down wherever you go.

Britain’s canals also go between some of its most vibrant cities. This allows you to see the sights they have to offer, dipping in and out of city life and the quiet countryside as and when you wish.


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