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How to make your home feel luxurious

Today – How to make your home feel luxurious


Adding a touch of luxury to a room through carefully-placed accessories, furnishings, and fabrics can instantly give the space a royal and sophisticated feel without any tackiness.


How to make your home feel luxurious


How to make your home feel luxurious

Here are 3 interior design essentials that are guaranteed to make your space feel lavish and Queen-worthy.


Start with the basics

Three interior essentials to make your home feel luxurious



A high-quality bedding might first seem like an unnecessary splurge but it is a simple way to add sophistication, colour and taste to otherwise nondescript bedroom. Additionally, it is assured to induce sweet dreams as you tuck yourself in after a long day.


How to make your home feel luxurious with Bedding

New bedding is far less commitment to switching up a room’s interior than re-painting walls or purchasing new furniture – think of it as brightening up an outfit with a new pair of fabulous boots rather than completely revamping your entire wardrobe.

There are many materials that have the ability to not only aesthetically transform your bedroom but also feel indulging.  Pure 100 cotton is the most breathable. Silk bedding is known to be hyperallergic and silk pillowcases are recommended for helping to smooth the skin and hair.

Whatever material you chose will drastically impact on the mood of the bedroom, for example – silk lends an indulgent, boudoir-like feeling to a bedroom.

That’s how to make your home feel luxurious


Add a quintessentially British touch to your living room – How to make your home feel luxurious



Coming home after a long day at work and curling on a vintage leather chair with a good book and a cuppa is probably one of the most indulgent feelings ever! Rearrange your living room and create a ‘reading nook’ with a classic leather Chesterfield wing chair for its historic charm and noble elegance.

Different leathers and finishes will add different feels to your space. Opt for a vintage, ‘broken in’ look in sand or clay tones for both a trendy but also luxurious feel. Leather is an extremely durable material and with proper care will last you forever! Interior designs in clay, mustard and sand are an upcoming trend in 2019. Or maybe you’re after a royalty-worthy aesthetic with rich velvets and metallic tones.

For an optimum luxurious feel add a plush throw and great wine of choice somewhere nearby.


How to make your home feel luxurious? – Dress up your walls to set the mood


How to make your home feel luxurious


The way you choose to accessorise your home is expressive and personal all at once. Beautiful artwork is the most convenient way to set the mood in a home – it reflects the owner, tells a story and serves as a strong anchor around which all other design elements can rally.

There is really no right or wrong way of choosing the right artwork to create a luxurious home. There are multiple approaches and the perfect piece does not necessarily mean the most expensive.

A luxurious home is about projecting class, chic and sophistication. The right artwork can do exactly that.

Capture attention and add a unique touch to your walls with large-scale artwork in sultry tones or add a collage piece in minimalistic monochrome frames for a much sleeker look. Guaranteed to make your home look luxurious


  How to make your home feel luxurious

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If you know how to make your home feel luxurious I would love you to share your top tips with me in the comments below.


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