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Throwing A Housewarming Party With DIY Decorations

Are you thinking about throwing a housewarming party with DIY decorations?

The holiday season is almost within touching distance, and there couldn’t be a better time of the year to throw a festive housewarming party and show off your renovations or brand new home.

Contrary to what some may think, welcoming your family and friends into your home does not have to be hugely demanding on your wallet. In fact, instead of buying expensive variations in the store, take the time to make the following DIY decorations and you’ll be a lot kinder to your budget:


A housewarming party with DIY decorations


1. Welcoming garland

Whether you’ve used the online estate agent eMoov to find you your perfect home or you’ve taken the time to renovate your current digs, a welcoming garland will make a nice addition to the look of your home. All you have to do is choose a shape and color that you like and string them together. When finished, use it to dress up the patio and welcome your guests to the party. It couldn’t be simpler!

2. Style your drinks

Add a touch of style and a pop of color to your drinks by using colorful water balloons to keep drinks chilled instead of the normal ice cubes. For this, you’ll need to fill your balloons with water and leave them in the freezer until just before the guests arrive. Place them into a red or green bucket and voila – you’ve got the perfect festive drinks presentation.

3. Homemade menu

Plan on serving some food at your party? If so, use a chalkboard to create a striking, but casual, menu for your guests. It adds an element of entertainment to the party and it is a great way to inform guests of what they’ll be eating. Place it in front of the area where the food will be served so that it also highlights the dining area.

4. Confetti balloons

Make use of those leftover balloons by filling them up with confetti before blowing them up. For the best results, use clear and lightly coloured balloons as the confetti can be seen more clearly through the transparency. Confetti and balloons are the ultimate party decorations so why shouldn’t they be combined together for some extra fun?

5. Adornments for the mantelpiece

The fireplace is usually located in the living room, and it’s always a common gathering area. Use this to your advantage by decorating this focal point with a beautiful floral arrangement, some small statues that you’ve got lying around or a collection of candles that are similar but varied in height. You can also use a garland to add even more emphasis to the area.

6. Doorway decorations

First impressions are crucial so you’ll want to have your foyer and doorway decorated beautifully. For this, you can make another garland that you should carefully and securely place around the frame of the door. Go to your local store and invest in some small touches that are known to make a big difference. These include some solar lighting for the pathway, a large mirror for the hallway, some potted plants for just outside the front door and a floral arrangement to complement the look of the mirror in the foyer. If you’re on an extremely tight budget, you can pot your own plants, create your own floral arrangement and take a mirror from somewhere else in the home to place in the hallway.

As you can see, getting your home ready for a housewarming party does not have to cause major damage to your bank balance. It does, however, require you to have an eye for the best areas of your home to accentuate and a willingness to get busy with some arts and crafts in the lead up to the big event. Ensure both of these things and you’ll give a well put-together, welcoming feel to your space and you’ll save money in the process of doing so!


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