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Tile Display Solutions for Your Business

 Insca  are experts in  tile display solutions for ceramic, bathroom and building materials.  and could provide you with exactly what you need for your products to truly stand out in your business.

Display solutions, like showroom displays for ceramic products or a great looking tile rack display  can really help to maximise sales and make all the difference to the appeal of your products.


Tile Display Solutions


You have just 10 seconds!

10 seconds is all the time that customers need when they enter a tile showroom or tile store to get an idea of what the company is like and what they are going to be offered.

You need to grab their focus and appeal to them  fast. INSCA  design display solutions to make an impact and show off your products to their best effect in the shortest time.


Only one way to grow: show your best

Because you need to grab a customers attention super fast and show how fantastic your products are you need to show them off to their very best advantage. This is why you need great display stands and wonderful showcase solutions.

Let me tell you why Insca are the best for this:

– 100% of their customers sell more after trusting them. You can’t actually beat that statistic can you?

– They have more than 45 years of experience – so you know you can trust them.

– They have a team of 200 professionals (architects, interior designers, decorators, engineers, carpenters, painters, fitters) at the service of our customers. and they create spaces with brand experience that captivate their customers.

– They  have a huge manufacturing plant and logistics centre of 25000 m2. and are able to export all over the world.

– They have the  largest catalogue of exhibitors in the world, with more than 1000 different references.


I think you can safely say they are a company to be trusted!



Let me also give you an example of  how Insca innovate:

For the first time this year they displayed underfloor heating in such a way that customers at exhibitions and building material stores could experience it directly. Customers could literally feel the warmth of underfloor heating through ceramics as a natural heat-conducting material.  Such a sensory installation, can encourage cross-selling  too, in this case the selling of of heating systems, including efficient systems such as underfloor heating connected to a heat pump.

Other new recent innovation  by Insca include I.RIS, a digital system for customers to see the final environments on the screen from the physical sample. So for example if you  re purchasing a tile display stand  you would be able to see what it could like displaying your tiles and in your showroom virtually – a hug help in visualising how the product would work..

Also this year they have introduced  a New Woodlook series of display solutions for laminate, parquet and vinyl flooring.

How clever are these innovations!


Essentially Insca innovate, design and generate experiences to show their clients’ collections to the world and  help their clients move forward with their awesome display solutions. A great way for  tile, bathroom and building materials distributors to increase their sales.

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