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Time for a Maxi Micro Scooter

Sometimes as a mum I am denial about my kids growing up. Part of me wants to keep them little always!

Time passes regardless though and they do indeed grow.

A  little while ago my daughter told me she was a bit big for her micro scooter now. I know we have had it a while and it is still as robust and fabulous as ever. It set me wondering how long she had had it, so I had a little hunt through the video archives.

Here is the every first time she used it:


Well my little girl is nearly 7 now so it is 4 years she has had this scooter and I think she has played on it at least once a week over those 4 years. We have now passed it on to another little girl who was elated to receive it. It was still in brilliant condition.



My daughter has now graduated to this.

Here she is in action:


It is amazing to see how she has grown!

The maxi micro scooter is rather gorgeous. She chose purple because it is indeed her favourite colour. It is for 6-12 year olds so I envisage a long and happy partnership between Lisi and her purple scooter.

Here’s a bit of technical info:

  • 3 puncture free wheels for stability
  • Tilt and lean steering helps develop fine motor skills
  • Stable and robust frame and footplate
  • Perfect for children aged 6-12.
  • Costs £109.96

My experience is these scooters, never breakdown, never get puncture,s are really robust,look brilliant and are super easy for kids to handle.

I have bought cheap scooters in the past and really they are just no  comparison. Micro Scooters are worth every penny for the long term exercise, fun and enjoyment they bring.

Somethings never change though my home videos don’t get any more professional looking!


Thank you to Micro Scooters who gave us this scooter to review.

You’ve made one little (oops I mean BIG)  girl v happy.



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