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Timeless Furniture for the Home

Some things will never go out of fashion – Timeless Furniture for the home.

It’s hard to imagine a world without The Beatles, Bacon and Eggs or classic Porches. But there are certainly some styles of furniture today that you probably won’t be seeing in 50 years time, unless it’s on a scrap heap. So how to avoid wasting your money on pieces that are destined to fall into obsolescence?

The answer is simple: don’t give in to trends, keep your colour schemes plain, and keep your furniture classic.


Timeless Furniture for the Home

Timeless Furniture for the Home

Classic Is as Classic Does

 A safe way to ensure a timeless furniture scheme is to keep it classic. Don’t overcomplicate the colour scheme in your home or choose furniture with abstract shapes or made from unconventional materials.

You want to emphasise the natural details of your home, not cloud the rooms with a confusing array of colours and furniture pieces. Sticking to whites, greys and creams is a safe bet as far as painting is concerned.

These shades will provide a clean canvas for you to richen with a selection of well-made, quality wooden furniture pieces. They don’t have to be antique, they just need to be simple and well-constructed. Fortune Woods might be a good place to start.


Avoid Fads – Timeless Furniture for the Home

 Every time a new trend – or a ‘classic’ trend revisited – appears on the scene, countless hipsters will suddenly flock to the stores in order to fill their homes with what they think to be a trendy array of furniture items. More often that not, these trends don’t last long. 1960’s Retro furniture is very popular at the moment and people are paying top dollar for furniture from this era and style.

But how have these pieces fit in with the home décor trends of the past 40 years?

Not at all really. And in time, they’ll soon be out of vogue again. So don’t be suckered in by what seems to be the hot trend of any given moment. In all likelihood, the hip furnishings of today, will be the yard sale or car boot clutter of tomorrow and beyond.


Timeless Furniture for the Home

Classic and Contemporary Timeless Furniture for the Home

We all get the desire to mix things around from time to time.

None of us likes staring at the same old furniture day after day. And that’s natural.

But succumbing to trends or filling the house with experimental or modern pieces will only satisfy for so long. So keep your furnishings timeless. You can always compliment the classics with a few touches of contemporary flair.

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