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Tips and tricks to teach your child self-control

Today – Tips and tricks to teach your child self-control


teach your child self-control


Tips and Tricks to Teach your child self-control

Kids who have self-control can benefit a lot by developing skills that help them the challenges they face in life. Unfortunately, self-discipline and self-control do not come naturally for every kid and in some cases, a little guidance and teaching is necessary. These tips will help you as a parent teach your child self-discipline.

Teach them how to obey

By nature, most young kids can be impulsive and rebellious. You should teach them how to become obedient. For instance, you should teach your kids to come to you whenever you call them. No matter what they are doing, you kid should heed to your call and not yell from a distance in response. By learning obedience through such situations, you will help them learn about the value of obedience and self-control.

Set up expectations upfront

Kids can easily forget what is expected of them.  If you have guests over, for instance, make it clear to your child that you will need them to behave appropriately. If they end up demonstrating some level of self-control, be sure to reward them with praises so as to reinforce this positive behavior.

Give your kid some chores

Chores can teach your kid a great deal about discipline and self-control. Even though you might want to give your kids an easy life, chores help kids develop responsibility and accountability. Suggest to your kid that he or she can stay up 30 more minutes watching TV before bedtime if that’s what they enjoy. Be strict and only reward them when the job is well done.

Set up timeouts

For younger kids, the idea of consequences can be new and confusing. Set up a timeout to help them understand why it’s important to develop self-control. Instead of only giving it a specific time limit, plan to end it as soon as your kid practices self-control. This way you get to demonstrate that there is a reward for being disciplined and punishments for being out of control.

Establish strict routines

Most kids love to start a fight whenever it’s time to go to bed. Use bedtime to teach them some self-discipline. Set up a routine that forces your child to calmly stay in bed. Be prepared though, as this activity requires a lot of work from you but it is rewarding in the end.

Encourage self-discipline activities

Encourage your kid to take up activities such as music lessons or sports. These type of activities encourage a sense of responsibility and self-discipline. You could also buy a pet for your kid and give him the responsibility of caring for the pet. This is a great way to teach your child self-control

Teach them to accept corrections

Most of us don’t like being wrong. Likewise, most kids hate to be corrected. However, when kids respond to correction with anger, it is important that you let them know that such behavior is unacceptable. By accepting correction, kids learn to control their impulses and build life skills.

Create a reward system

Most times, kids will behave appropriately but not receive any encouragement. If you set up a reward system, it will help cement the idea of self-discipline. Rewards can include many things. From being able to choose their own dessert to simple treats and praises, rewards can go a long way to encourage self-control.

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