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10 tips for caring for your hair in your 40’s

today – 10 tips for caring for your hair in your 40’s

caring for your hair in your 40's


Today- 10 tips for caring for your hair in your 40’s

Are you looking for tips for caring for your hair in your 40’s How is your hair holding up as you age? I have naturally curly and pretty frizzy hair that I have battled with for years.


Tips for caring for your hair in your 40’s

Coming into my 40’s=s has not made it go all sleek and shiny despite my wishes that it would succumb over time to products and straightening. It is actually in some ways harder to handle than ever. I gather that hitting  your 40’s bring s hair issues for lots of people so I thought I’d  do little research and share with you 10 hair care tips for the over 40’s.

  1. Hair gets dryer…it really does, just like skin does as you age. I condition my hair each and every time I wash it and I only use shampoo sparingly so as not to strip it too much of its natural oils.
  2. Greys appear! Mine started to appear in my 20’s but they are definitely more abundant lately. I have my hair coloured 6 weekly to keep my grey  at bay, some embrace them completely, others home colour. My advice would be don’t skimp on hair colour if you use it. You want to use a really nourishing colourant to keep your hair in peak condition.
  3. The sun damage and swimming pool damage to my hair is definitely worse as I get older so I use sun hats and leave-in conditioners now to combat this.
  4. As your hair changes the products you use need to change too so this is definitely a time to experiment and try something new and extra nourishing.
  5. Some people’s hair begins to fall out as they age and this can make them really self-conscious The Harley Street Hair Clinic specialises in hair transplants and have an innovative ATP procedure to help those who are balding. Advanced Tricho Pigmentation is an advanced pigmentation delivery system that works to replicate the appearance of naturally growing hair follicles for people with little to no hair. It can really boost confidence.
  6. Other people’s hair can thin as they age and there are products for this on the market that have excellent reviews. Experimenting with what works best for you is the most useful thing to do. Recommendations are great but what works for one may well not work for another.
  7. Don’t dismiss the use of natural products – coconut oil is a conditioner and aloe vera as a thickener are both hailed as wonderful and a cheap alternative to expensive products
  8. I have a friend Lucy who hasn’t washed her hair in about 3 years and she has the most marvellous hair. You can read here about Lucy and her Happy Hair
  9. Just go with it. Sometimes embracing changes can be the very best thing you can do. Natural is always beautiful.
  10. Give your hair a rest from styling on a regular basis as blow-dry and straighteners can do further damage to ageing hair. According to Tanith Carey, author of Mum Hacks Your hair will grow less quickly as you age, at about half the speed of your teen years! so do embrace what you have!

I hope these tips fro caring for your hair in your 40’s are useful PLEASE share any tips for caring for your hair in your 40’syou may have in the comments below!



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